hey guys,
so whilst i was browsing in boots the other week i spotted these - the collection 2000 metallic cream eyeshadows. I only picked up two, in the shades gold rush (1) and coffee pot (4), but there are six shades to choose from. i really fell in love with these initially because of their gorgeous neutral shades and their colour payoff. in addition to these two, they come in a pink, green, teal and silver/platinum colour!

top: gold rush blended out.
bottom: thick application of gold rush

top: coffee pot blended out.
bottom: thick application of coffee pot

the only problem i've come across with these is that they only tend to last about 4/5 hours on my lids without fading and/or creasing, and given that I have quite dry lids, this could be a problem for those with oily lids.

So what's the verdict?


The colours are gorgeous and pigmented. The only things holding these back from 5/5 is the limited shade range and the longevity.

At £2.99 each, these are definitely worth a try, see what you think!

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