Hey guys,

So you know how I love playing around with my nails so i had to try out these Nail Rock nail wraps that have recently bombarded the beauty world. I love the idea of them, but is the reality as good as the idea behind it?

Unfortunately for me, these fell completely flat. I loved the concept of them, but the application of them is really tricky, well for me at least! I was so disappointed. They look amazing from afar, but up close, the tips are almost impossible to make perfect. The stickers come quite long so that you can file them down to the right length for your nails. The problem with this is that i found it almost impossible to make the ends look neat. In addition to that, the ones that did turn out ok were starting to peel and catch within the hour. The photos below were taken about 2 hours after application.

Also, whilst trying to get the tips smooth, i managed to file my nails down to their bare minimum which I was not very happy about!

So what's the verdict?


I love the idea behind them but, for me at least, the application process was more difficult and time-consuming that just painting my nails. I'm sure with a lot of practice and patience, these could look great. However, i'm just not willing to give this much time to perfecting them.


  1. hi, did you try using small scissors to cut them down to your nail shape before applying? I do this with my sally hansen salon effects because the filing down with short nails is sooooo difficult. do you think that would make them work?

    1. yes i did.. still not a fan :/ i think i'll give them 1 more go once my nails have fully recovered, however i doubt i'll like them any more! thanks for the suggestion though! xx