Hey guys,

So you might not have know but I've been trying out these gorgeous lip butters from Revlon for the past few months. I picked them up in Hong Kong over the christmas holidays, but they are only just being released here in the uk this month (first time ANYTHING has been released in HK before the UK!) I chose 2 quite wearable colours in the shades 010 Raspberry Pie and 050 Berry Smoothie. I'm not usually a huge lipstick/gloss fan but I had to pick these up after hearing americans raving about them (they always get stuff first, not fair!) Also, I believe that they won best new lip product of the year on temptalia!

Now, before I blabber about these anymore, here are some swatches for your feasting eyes :)

As I have heard about a lot the pigmentation between shades is varied. You can see above (both only swatched once) that Raspberry Pie is straight up pigmentes, whilst Berry Smoothie smoothie is much subtler. I think this is perfect as then there's a shade for everyone, and every occasion! Plus the packaging is super cute :)

These have just been pre-released on boots.com at £7.99, (which it totally worth it) and will be in-stores by the end of the month.

Would I give these a go? Definitely! The formula is moisturising, doesn't cling to dry lips, lasts for a good 4 hours in my experience and they aren't too sticky/glossy. The only reason I haven't preordered some offline is because i'm I want to see them in person before I purchase any more :)

So what's the verdict?


Definitely pick at least one of these up - you'll be glad you did!

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