hey guys,

i've recently fell in love with the idea of liquid lipsticks with great staying power. where has this love come from, you may wonder? well, its been the discovery of both sleek's pout paints and occ lip tars. i cannot even describe how amazing they are.

i first tried out three of the pout paints; pinkini, mauve over and port. after realising just how brilliant they were, i decided to try out some of occ's lip tars. i've heard many amazing things about these over the years but until this year i haven't really been able to get my hands on them. as sleek's shade range is rather limited, i decided to pick up some of these beauties from genie cosmetics (also available at love-makeup). as occ lip tars are about double the price of sleeks counterparts (£8.79 vs £4.99) i decided to only pick up what i considered to be 'wearable' shades, and buy the crazy blues and whites for mixing from sleek.

so far, apart from the price and shade range, i have not found an awful lot of difference between the two. both contain 8ml and both are insanely pigmented and long lasting! one thing that is different is the scent. the pout paints don't have any noticeable scent whereas the occ lip tars have a gorgeous minty smell :) either way, they are both sensational products.

you may have seen me wearing 'trollop' from occ in a recent OOTD, but i haven't done any lip swatches yet. if you would like them, just let me know!

L-R: peek-a-boo, port, cloud, minx, mauve over & pinkini

L-R: trollop, narcissus, anime, hoochie & vapid

L-R: peek-a-boo, cloud, minx, mauve over, pinkini & minx

L-R: hoochie, vapid, narcissus, trollop & anime

So whats the verdict?

MY RATING: 5/5 for both!

I intend to be playing around with these a lot more and I personally cannot wait to start mixing colours of my own! If you are short of money or just fancy a cheaper, more accesible product then the pout paints by sleek are perfect. the ONLY downside to these is the small colour range.

I personally am excited to get my hands on a fair few more and i'll keep you updated on my favourite combos!

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