Hey guys!
So this is going to be my first giveaway on this blog so I am really excited! I was going to do one at 5,000 views but it came around a lot quicker than expected!

For this giveaway, one lucky winner will receive:
- One pair of Katy Perry Lashes of your choice
- One Models Own Nail Polish of your choice
- One Maybelline Colour Tattoo Cream Eyeshadow of your choice
- & One Revlon Lip Butter of your choice

(all subject to availability!)

1. Comment on this post stating what you would like to see more of on this blog, and your choice of lashes, nail polish, cream eyeshadow and lip butter. Also leave your youtube username so I can check if you are a subscriber!
2. You must be a follower of this blog (either through Google Friend Connect (Click Blue 'Join Site' Button to your left!) or Bloglovin')
3. If you are subscribed to my youtube channel (isobelrose27) YOU WILL GET AN EXTRA ENTRY!
4. Please leave your email address so I can contact you if you win
5. The winner will be selected randomly using random.org
6. Once the winner is chosen I will contact them for their details
7. This giveaway is open internationally
8. The giveaway will be open from now and will close on  Tuesday May 15th at midnight GMT

If you fail to comply with the rules your entry will NOT be counted!!

Good Luck! xx :)


  1. Hey,
    I would like to see more outfit of the nigh posts, or how you would change your day outfits to shift to nightwear.
    My choice of products are the: Sweetie Pie Lashes, Indian Ocean nail polish, On and on bronze eyeshadow and Candy Apple lip butter.
    My youtube username is: Tracey93HK
    E-mail is: traceyspears13@hotmail.com
    Thanks :)

  2. I would like to see more outfit of the day posts and hauls :) My youtube is hellokitty6195
    Lashes - Oh Honey
    Lip butter - Tutti Frutti
    Nail polish - Indian Ocean
    Colour tattoo - Eternal gold

  3. I would love to see more makeup and review posts! :]
    My youtube is julichungmj.
    Lashes: Cool Kitty
    Nail Polish: Utopia
    Colour Tattoo Eyeshadow: Tough as Taupe
    Lip Butter: Strawberry Shortcake
    My email is julianakqchung@yahoo.com.hk

  4. Hi Isobel!
    I would love to see a "Look your worst" tag video! :)
    Lashes - Sweetie pie
    Nail Polish - Indian Ocean
    Lip Butter - Cherry tart
    Colour tattoo - Too cool

    My youtube is: TextMessagesBaby
    My email is: titanilau_1995@hotmail.com

    Thank you for making this giveaway!

  5. I would love to see more reviews for products as well as hauls. I love the way you update and add fun new entries to this blog :D.
    My youtube username is Lessthan3TOP.
    My choice of the products are:
    Lashes: Oh Honey!
    Nail Polish: Blooboo.
    Lip butter: Creamsicle.
    Colour Tattoo: Painted Purple.
    My email is candieland95@gmail.com

  6. Youtube: SmokeyEyeSurprise
    Email: musicqueen05@hotmail.com
    Lashes: Oh honey!
    Nail polish: Indian Ocean
    Lip butter: Tuti Fruti
    Colour tattoo: On and on Bronze

    Thanks for this giveaway lovely :) xoxo

  7. Youtube:orlaor17
    Lashes:Sweetie Pie
    Nail Polish:Lilac Dream
    Lip Butter:Red Velvet
    Colour Tattoo:On and on bronze

    Thank you so much.This giveaway is honestly great :)xxx <3

  8. Hello.

    I'd love to see more of your haul videos. I love reading about what you've bought recently!

    Youtube: bunnyboiler943
    Lashes: Oh my!
    Nail Polish:Bubblegum
    Lip Butter:Sweet Tart
    Colour Tattoo:Endless Purple

    thanks chick xxx


  9. Would love to see more vlogging videos! And possibly a look that could be changed from day to night look!

    Youtube: xxmeowxx
    Email: miotashiro7@gmail.com
    Lashes: Oh Honey
    Nail Polish: Pink Fizz
    Lip Butter: Tutti Frutti
    Colour Tatto: On and on Bronze

  10. Hey you :)

    Would love to see more vlogs... especially tutorials, maybe have a go at some hair too if you can ;)

    Youtube: 23gracielou
    Email: gelaw92@gmail.com
    Lashes: Oh Honey
    Nail polish: Jade Stone
    Lip butter: Peach Parfait
    Colour tattoo: Eternal Gold

    Thanks :) absolutely love following your blog xxxx much love

  11. Hiyaaa! I would like more make-up tutorials and tag videos...maybe even some in Russian ;) haha

    youtube: tillygirl23
    email: tylathackwray@hotmail.com

    lashes: Oh Honey
    nail varnish: Indian Ocean
    eyeshadow: Audacious Asphalt
    lip butter: Pink Truffle

    spasiba xoxo

  12. What I would love to see more are reviews on british/asian (preferbly available in HK ^^) makeup products since I'm also living in HK but currently studying in England. I'd also love to see some tutorials aimed for light complexions.

    Youtube: syurisyndrome
    Email: syurisyndrome@gmail.com

    Lashes: Sweetie Pie
    Polish: Pinky Brown or Bare Beauty
    Color Tattoo: Pomegranate Punk or Bold Gold
    Lip Butter: Tutti Frutti

    Thankyou so much for this giveaway!

  13. I Absolutely love your Blogs :) you remind me so much of myself.
    I really liked your Real Techniques Brush review, i had to go and order myself some straight away hehee. Thankyou so much for doing a Giveaway, i will continue to support you on here and youtube as you really inspire me.
    My youtube name is CurlyLocksBeauty94
    My Email is sophie_may_house@live.co.uk
    The Katy Perry Lashes i love are : Oh, Honey!
    The Polish is: Emerald Black Beauty
    The Colour Tatoo is: Too Cool
    The Lip Butter is:Peach Parfait
    Thankyou so much again and i hope you keep doing doing what your doing as you are an inspiration to me, Much love
    Sophie May :) xxx

  14. hiya, thankyou for doing this giveaway , its so nice of you. i would love to see more jewellery hauls and collections on this blog!your ring colllection is stunning!:) My youtube name is simplyEla8

    Thankyou for doing this amazing giveaway!

  15. Congrats on 10,000!!!! I would love to see more haul videos, especially fashion. I also really enjoy your product reviews. You seem to be really genuine so I trust what you say.
    Lashes: Oh, honey!
    Polish: Indian Ocean
    Colour Tattoo: Tough As Taupe (I want to try it on my brows like you:)
    Lip Butter: Berry Smoothie
    Thanks so much for hosting the giveaway... very fun! Keep at it! I think your great:)
    youtube: mycatchet
    email: k.g.rossi@tcu.edu

  16. Heey:) I would looooveee to see advice blogs and outfit of the days:)
    eyelashes: Oh honey
    nail polosh: Top torquoise
    Color tatto: I don't know what it's called, but I'd loovee the white one, please!!
    Lip butter: sweet tart
    Youtube: JoAnaPrincess5
    Thank youuuuuu:)
    email: jojo19932@hotmail.com

    my sister's birthday is on the 15th of May and I want to give her the lip butter and the nail polish and give my mom the eyelashes she's been wanting some but we can't afford it and I'de love the white shadow:)

  17. I love to see more products to buy in hong kong/ review on make up avaliable in hong kong
    eyelashes:sweetie pie
    color tattoo: Audacious Asphalt
    Lip butter: peach parfait
    nail polish: purple blue from the beetle juice collection
    youtube: sallyhongkong
    email: 11huangsy1@webmail.sis.edu.hk
    thank you so much:)

  18. Thank youso muchfor the awesome giveaway!

    I follow you on the blog: Sak
    My choice of the products are:
    Lashes: Oh Honey!
    Nail Polish: Blooboo.
    Lip butter: Creamsicle.
    Colour Tattoo: Painted Purple.

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  20. Absolutely loved the double take post so could you do more of those?:)
    Lashes: oh honey
    Varnish: pastel pink
    Cream eyeshadow: tough as taupe / too cool
    Lip butter: creamsicle.
    Youtube username: kimmietaylorx
    Email: angelannex@live.com

  21. Awww ! Love the prizes !!!!
    What I'd like to see from your blog is more outfits of the day, reviews, hauls and probably more personal entries about your life :) <3
    -My Youtube username is Kmichicken ( I'm a subscriber)
    -Lashes: Oh honey
    - Nail Polish: Pastel pink or purple
    - Maybelline Colour Tattoo: Eternal gold
    - Revlon Lip Butter: Pink Truffle

    My e-mail: Ilove_friedchicken@hotmail.com

  22. such a lovely looking giveaway! and your really really pretty! :) I love your real technique's loving going on, just like me! I would love to see some drugstore makeup hauls, or a drugstore recommendations? maybe some follow me around vlogs because I love bath university! your courses sound really good!!
    My youtube username is: clairelouise007 - I am subscribed :)
    My email is: claireyblogxo@hotmail.co.uk
    -Lashes- Oh honey
    -Nail polish- beetle juice collection- indian ocean (ahhh love it!!!)
    -Maybelline Colour Tattoo: Tough As Taupe (never tried any of these, maybe one that you really recommend?:))
    Revlon lip butter: peach parfait

    I really hope I win because I've never tried any of these products but I really want to now hahah! :)

    lovely giveaway xxx

  23. Such an amazing giveway hun. I love watching your youtube vids and posts. I would really like to see more outfit of the days and hauls :)
    My youtube name is : Loulouapple and i am subscribed XD
    Email: lucyevans01@gmail.com

    Lashes- Oh honey!
    Maybelline colour- i think its called on bronze.
    Nail polish- Ibiza Mix
    Revlon lip butter- Cupcake.

    xxx :)

  24. This is an awesome giveaway! I would love to see more hauls on this blog.

    I am following you via GFC as Holly ❤
    My youtube name is HollyLouiseFinch
    My Email is holly_louise.finch@hotmail.co.uk

    Lashes; Oh Honey!
    Models Own Polish; Disco Mix
    Maybelline Colour; And On Bronze
    Revlon Lip Butter; Candy Apple


  25. I'd love to see how you dress for your shape as unlike other youtube beauty gurus your not stick thin, which is fab for us younger girls to have a good role model :)
    Lashes : Oh My!
    Models Own Nail Polish : Jade Stone
    Maybelline colour : Bad to the Bronze
    Revlon lip butter : Cupcake
    Youtube : XxTrine
    Thanks a million for the opportunity :)

  26. Hi, I'm following you on bloglovin' but I just had to set it up cos I normally just follow you' through blogger.
    My YouTube name is rachybeeb anyway.
    I'd love to see more product reviews :) you buy the kind of stuff I do so I'd love to see what you think of stuff!
    Models own nail varnish: disco mix
    Revlon lip butter: raspberry pie
    Colour tattoo: permanent taup
    Lashes: oh honey

  27. heyho, more nails of the day and keep doing wishlists pleeeease :)
    Lashes: Sweetie pie
    Nails: Indian ocean
    Lip butter: Candy apple

  28. Hey :) I love outfit posts the best,
    Lashes : Cool Kitty
    Nails : Naked Shimmer
    Colour Tattoo : Painted Purple
    Lip Butter : Peach Parfait
    Fantastic giveaway :)
    Youtube : lucygreenorangepink
    email : thingswhichmakemesmile@gmail.com

  29. Hey I would love to see more outfits and Hauls!
    Lashes: Cool Kitty
    Nails: Indian Ocean
    Colour Tattoo: Immortal Charcoal
    Lip Butter: Sweet Tart
    Youtube: gkre86
    email: gkre86@gmail.com
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

  30. I would love to see more outfit of the day posts
    Lashes: Sweetie Pie
    Nail polish: Disco Mix
    Colour Tattoo: Permanent Taupe
    Lip butter:Sweet Tart
    Subbed on youtube username: thexbeautylove
    email: gurungmanisha@hotmail.co.uk