Hey guys,

So a few months ago I received this product in one of my glossyboxes. I was instantly attracted to it as hair oils are all the rage at the moment and I was already loving using my Organix Moroccan Oil. At first I was a little apprehensive as I really dislike the smell of ginger and this has a wild ginger scent. However, I found the scent to be fairly mild and not to ginger-y! For the first few weeks I was alternating between this and my Moroccan oil, but since then this has taken the drivers seat! It makes my hair feel silky smooth and lightly scented (which I don't mind!)

As this was in a Glossybox it is only 25 ml and therefore is rapidly approaching the end of its life :( I will be repurchasing this in the full size in the future, but I do want to try out some other hair oils between then to see if any can give this a run for its money! I would also like some other products from the Awapuhi line :)


The full size is available from Paul Mitchell's online store for £25.95 and this size is available for £7.50

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