Hey guys,

Today I am going to be reviewing a new polish from Topshop's latest collection, 'Dark Side of Nude'. The collection includes 4 nail polishes, two lipsticks, two eyeshadow trios and a mascara. With the Christmas season nearly upon us (is everyone as excited as me?!), I decided that I needed another glitter polish! To be fair - this is my first all-gold glitter polish ;) The packaging is the same size as usual, but the top is a matte, rubberised black (similar to Nars packaging). 

OPI 'Boris & Natasha' and Topshop 'Stardust'

'Stardust' is a clear based polish with small, circular bronze-gold glitter in it. It would be perfect to layer over both lighter and darker colours. The picture above it when one thick layer was applied, so you do get quite a lot of glitter payoff with just one coat. I have yet to try out it's longevity but it it's anything like the other Topshop polishes, then we're in for a treat!

'Stardust' is available now from Topshop and retails for £6.50.


  1. That's so pretty! I love glitter nail polishes, but I've never tried out Topshop's range! I really want to now; I've heard so many good reviews :)

  2. Gorgeous colour! I love the OPI shade as well.
    I haven't yet tried any Topshop make-up, definitely on my Christmas list.

    Charlotte xo