Hey guys so today I'm going to do a quick post about what I received in this month's Glossybox and my first impressions of the products!

This is personally my favourite hair spray, and although it's nice to have a travel size of this, I wouldn't exactly call it 'luxury'. Oh well, I'm happy with it.

This looks remarkably similar to Clinique's Chubby Sticks and Revlon's Just Bitten Lip Balms. Upon application, it was a little sheer but was fairly easy to build up if you want a stronger payoff. It feels fairly moisturising too!

Ah! I love Nails Inc!! This is a gorgeous classic red colour that I just can't wait to try. A little part of me would have preferred to receive the other colour that was in some of the boxes (a mauve-y colour) but I am still pretty happy with this.  

I have ALWAYS wanted to try this but have always been put off by the smell so I am so glad that they decided to include the fragrance free version. I am extremely excited to start trying this out as I'm sure that I will love it.

Bleugh - a perfume sample. Not impressed Glossybox! The fragrance is nice though.

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