For S/S 2013 Neon is a big trend. I've always been a big fan of bright nails, and there are some great colours out there from brands like Models Own, Nails Inc and my personal favourite, American Apparel. After experimenting with neon nails for a while, I've come up with the perfect formula to keep your neon brighter and on your nails for longer. So, what do you need? 

1 - A good base coat (I use OPI's Nail Envy)
2 - An opaque white nail polish to go underneath the neon shade (I have one here from OPI)
3 - A neon polish of your choice (here i have used AA's Neon Yellow)
4 - And a good top coat (I am of course using my favourite, Seche Vite)

I find that putting a white polish under your neon shade really is the key to making it look it's brightest as it provides it with a blank surface. 

What is you're favourite nail trend at the moment? Do you have any tips and tricks to enhance neon nails?


  1. I love love love the neon yellow! It's so bright and gorgeous :)

    Jamie ♥

    1. I know - it makes me feel so summery! x

  2. Replies
    1. Yeah it's one of my favourites :) x

  3. Wow that colour is amazing! I really want to try the Seche Vite top coat!

    You have a lovely blog, I'm following :)

    Natasha Carly x