About a month ago now I asked on twitter what you guys thought about hair turbans and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  Due to its apparent popularity, the 'Hair Turban' by Soap & Glory has been out of stock in my local Boots for ages, so when I saw it the other week, I just had to get my hands on it. This is basically a mini towel with a loop at one end and a button at the other to help to secure it. You use it like a regular towel; flip your hair forward, twist the front until it is nice and snug, then pull the front of the turban back over and secure behind your head using the loop and button. So what is so special about this? Well, it's a lightweight, secure alternative to walking around with a heavy, wet towel on your head. You wouldn't believe how much easier this makes doing your makeup or painting your nails whilst letting your hair dry. It's so lightweight that I actually took a nap with it on yesterday! The only thing I would say though is that due to it's lightweight nature, I don't find that my twist stays as tight and secure, but I can get over that. 

The other main reason for this is to help to dry your hair quicker. So, does it do the job? If you are expecting to put wet hair up in this, leave it for an hour, and reveal completely dry hair, then you will be disappointed. However, the microfibres in the material really help to absorb the excess water in your hair. Within 30 minutes, your hair can go from dripping to barely damp, which is quite impressive if you have quite thick hair like me. Overall, I do think this is a product that's worth giving a go, it is effective in helping to dry your hair quicker and is just really useful to wear around the house when getting ready. A thumbs up from me!


  1. I have a hair wrap just like this! I use it everyday and it works for towel drying my hair! I hate having a heavy towel on my head so this is perfect.


    1. Yeah it's proving to be really useful! x