Hey guys! So, long time no see eh? Long story short, I've been enjoying the first real freedom I've had in a year - sleeping until midday, watching hours of youtube, finally catching up with the Kardashians... - and well, I haven't really felt like blogging, so I haven't! But today I am back with one of my last glossybox posts for a while (have to cancel when I move abroad!) 

So what products did I receive? Let's take a peek... 

I am really excited to try this but thank god that I'm actually blonde or I might not have been so impressed. Could it be that Glossybox has finally looked at our beauty profiles, or was it just sheer dumb luck? Either way, these are perfect little tubes to take with me to Barcelona on Monday (eeeek!!) I shall let you all know how it goes!

I have never tried a polish from MeMeMe so it will be interesting to give it a go. Nice colour but I have quite a few other mint shades so I would have preferred a more unique colour. Either way, it's a pretty colour and very suited to the season.

I already have far too many lip balms so I certainly didn't need anymore, but this smells divine and is really moisturising on the lips. It also comes in cute packaging, very summery! I am generally a fan of this brand so I am happy!

MONU Essential Care Facial Wash: (Full size, £15.95)
I have recived a lot of MONU products in the past from Glossybox and have none of them particularly impressive so I don't really hold high hopes for this. I'll give it a go and see what I think!

Helen E Eyeliner in Brown: (Full size, £8)
For me, brown eyeliner is an absolute staple so I am excited to give this a go. I am currently loyal to my MAC Stubborn Brown, but this looks like it has some potential. I'm excited to try this out and see how it compares.

Overall I am pretty impressed with my box. Every month I like to scowl the internet and see what others have received and this month I have got one of the best selection of product. Strangely, I actually haven't seen ANYONE else with the John Frieda hair products, which is strange, but many people did get some sort of hair product. Not bad Glossybox, but next month is your last chance to wow me so I hope you do!


  1. The Figs and Rouse packaging looks adorable!

    bec X

  2. I tagged you: http://testingfavourites.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/the-liebster-award-tag.html