It's no secret that skincare is my biggest vice at the moment. I've been messing around with drugstore products that have never done anything for me for years, and now I really want to invest in decent products that I know are actually going to do something beneficial for my skin. Over the last few months, I have found some amazing masks, cleansers and moisturisers - but something has alway been missing. Physical exfoliators are not really as 'talked about' in the beauty community compared to other products, so I've never know where to turn to find the perfect exfoliator. After a lot of 'um-ing' and 'ah-ing' I decided to turn to one of my favourite skincare brands, REN, and see what their 'Micro Polish Cleanser' had to offer. 

If any of you have tried the Kiehls equivalent, then you will be very familiar with the texture of this. It is in no way a 'gentle' exfoliator - you definitely need to use a gentle hand with this. The upside of this however is that you do not have to sit there scrubbing away at your poor skin for ages; this job is done in a jiffy! If you are not a fan of harsher exfoliators, then this probably isn't for you. However, the grains are finer than in most scrubs and therefore provide a deeper exfoliation - which helps to smooth the skins texture and fade any scarring. 


  1. I love this stuff! Absolutely love it, it's coming with me to Cyprus!

    Beth @ BethBlogsBeauty