Right, so I have decided to set myself the task of blogging for everyday of February. Yes you heard it - everyday. I know that lots of bloggers manage to post everyday, but let's face it, most of those are not full time students living abroad! Another interesting twist is that not only will I be starting #Bloguary today (1st of February), but I will be moving to Madrid for 6 months on the 2nd (tomorrow!!)... not making things easy for myself here. I'm going to be posting mostly about beauty, skincare - that kind of jazz - but also throwing some lifestyle, fashion and travel posts into the mix! So, I hope you guys enjoy what I've got planned for you and keep checking back everyday for a new post. If you'd like to make it a bit easier for yourself (so you never miss a post!) go ahead and follow Isobel Rose on Bloglovin', GFC, and whilst you're at it, you might as well follow me on Twitter to get all the updates!

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