Hey lovelies!

So the other day I decided that I was sick of not getting out, and therefore, not wearing any makeup - university work hibernation was to blame - so I got up, whacked on some slap and headed downtown. I didn't get up to anything exciting apart from popping into H&M to pick up a sports bra or two - too much information? - but it was so nice to feel the sun on my skin and, well, not look like a complete mess for once. Before I headed out I managed to snap a few shots of the lucky makeup products that got to see the light of day, to without further ado, here's what makeup make the cut;

- Benefit Hello Gorgeous Foundation

- NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

- Tarte Blush in 'Flush'

- MUFE Aqua Cream in #13

- Urban Decay Eyeliner in 'Pistol'

- Benefit Gimme Brow

- Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

- Maybelline Colour Sensational Gloss in 'Pink Shock'

As you can see, I've been sticking to a lot of the same products recently. The reason for that? They just work! The NARS concealer, the Bobbi Brown mascara, the Tarte Blush - they all just do exactly what I want them to, no questions asked. The only thing I experimented with was my base - the Benefit Hello Gorgeous Foundation - which I love the finish of, but purchased perhaps a shade too dark of. Lately I've caught a bit of sun on my face, so I thought I'd try it out again, but it's still a smidgen too orange for me - fingers crossed it'll be good to go in a month or two! Obviously you can't see it here, but I still had to blend it down my neck a fair bit - and aint' nobody got time for that. I finished off the look with my favourite lip product of the moment, the gorgeous Maybelline Colour Sensational Gloss in 'Pink Shock' - hydrating and a pretty shade of pink? Yes please!

What products have you guys been reaching for lately? Let me know in the comments section :)


  1. Thats is one pretty look! I love Tarte blushes and in fact this is the one shade which is always sold out and I could never get my hands on it!

    Going Organic with John Masters | The Conscience Fund

  2. So pretty Isobel! I really want to try the MUFE Aqua creams :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  3. Just found this blog and your travel blog and I am totally addicted! Followed both :)

    xoxo, S

    check out my personal blog ♡

  4. Very pretty! I love the blush colour on you :) xx

    Katy | www.littlemisskaty.co.uk

  5. I love the benefit foundation, it's create a great even light coverage that is easily buildable. The gloss is a super pretty colour on you x


  6. Which shade of the benefit foundation do you use? I had it in champagne but it was a bit too orangy to me, but the powder (same shade) is just perfect!

    Btw you really are making me want that gloss! LOL #IsobelMadeMeBuyIt.

  7. I'll have to check out the Maybelline lip colour because it is absolutely gorgeous! I've heard some great things about the glosses, some saying that they are similar to the Clarins ones! xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  8. That lip colour is gorgeous!! It looks amazing on you xx


  9. Thank you Divya - keep trying, it's amazing! x

  10. Thanks lovely! They are insane - I have actually swam with this one on and it didn't budge - perfect for hot summer days! x

  11. I know, I really like it! Thank you Lauren, it's definitely my favourite gloss x

  12. Ohh, I've never actually got around to trying a Clarins one, but if they are similar then these are a much cheaper alternative. This gloss is one of my favourite purchases this year x

  13. I have the shade 'Ivory (Believe in me)' which is a lovely match for my skin atm, but is too orange during winter/living in England! I love that hashtag - we should make it a thing ;) x