May seems to be a month bursting with blogger birthdays - Jen from Jennypurr, Rebecca from From Roses and Caitlin from Juxta Rose to name a few... (Happy Birthday girls if you're reading!) so I thought it was about time to throw my own birthday post into the mix. Twenty one years ago, on the 27th May 1993, little ol' me popped out kicking and screaming (with an already atrociously messy hair-do no doubt), and boy has it been a journey since then. I don't want to get all mushy, emotional and nostalgic, so rather than reflect on the past today, I look to the future. So, without further ado, here are twenty one things I'm looking forward to/hope to achieve in the year or so to come...

1. As much as I've loved living abroad, I'm excited to get back to little old Bath and be surrounded by all of my friends again. Change is fun, but sometimes it's nice to be back where you feel completely at home and have a more regular routine.
2. I'm so excited to get back to my little flat in Bath where everything is clean and tidy - as I'm sure many of you know, shared student flats are pretty disgusting.
3. I can't wait for my parents to move back to the UK this summer! I love Hong Kong, but it'll be nice having my main support system only 2-3 hours away during my final year as apposed to a 13 hour flight. Plus I hate having such a big time difference between us! Sometimes you just need to call your mum, but when you live on the other side of the world to her, it's not always practical.
4. Expanding on my previous point, I'm looking forward to not having to deal with that extent of jet lag several times a year (HK is 7/8 hours ahead of London!)
5. I'm determined to keep my running up, and hopefully I'll be able to run 5k in no time!
6. As much as it scares me, I'm looking forward to finally graduating in July 2015 and starting my life. I am still completely clueless as to what that may entail - but I guess that's half of the fun of it. 
7. Although it's going to be hard work, I'm looking forward to keep pushing my language skills, and hopefully the spanish-style dinner parties that'll go along with that! (We'll skip the Russian food!!)
8. Along with my parents, my dog Desmond will be relocating to the UK! I've missed having a pet so much since moving to uni, so I can't wait to have my puppy back in the same country!
9. I can't wait to get all new books, folders and stationary for my final year at uni - ahhhh stationary. 
10. I'm excited to hit up Ibiza in October for my cousin's wedding! Woo!
11. Bring on the winter - I love the weather in Madrid, but by the time we get to September I will be pining for my chunky knits again. English winter will be sufficient though - we don't need the -20 degrees that I had in Russia.
12. I want to travel more, as I've gained so much confidence over the last year when it comes to travelling and surviving on my own overseas.
13. I would like to learn a few new recipes and actually put them into practise, because I always mean to, but never get around to it.
14. Dairy Milk on demand - need I say more?
15. I really want to stop being so damn lazy. Need to get my motivation on for final year!
16. I really want to go down another dress size by the time graduation comes around - time to get those trainers on and my running playlist booming.
17. I can't wait to make more friends in the blogging world, as well as continuing to have a laugh and a good old chat with the ones I've already made.
18. I would quite like to take a photography course, or at least buy a book so I can get more familiar with my camera. No point having it if you don't take full advantage of it!
19. I'm already reading the first Harry Potter book in Spanish, so I'd like to be able to boast about reading them all!
20. I plan to curb my spending habits and not buy things just for the sake of blogging. If possible, I'd also like to put as much money into my savings account as I can each month.
21. Last but certainly not least - I'm excited to continue creating exciting and inspirational content to keep sharing with you guys, and excited to interact with you more and more as time goes on!

Right, I'm off to sip on countless cocktails under the hot madreleƱian sun... 
Hasta luego,
Isobel x


  1. Happy Birthday! Wow - you should be proud of all that you've achieved already! xx

  2. This is sucha heart-felt lovely post Isobel! loved reading it! good luck for everything and I hope you can stick to all your goals and do really well in life!

  3. Happy Birthday! You've got an exciting future ahead of you x


  4. I feel so excited for you! hope you had a great day!!! Btw Harry Potter is one of the main reasons many kids from my generation had to learn english, we had to wait for JK to finish them and theeeen wait until they were avaliable in spanish, no no we just couldnt wait :) Muchiiisimas felicidades, mis mejores deseos! Xx

  5. Happy Birthday! Hope you had the most wondeful day :)
    And I really like your goals for the coming year - very inspirational!

  6. Happy birthday, Isobel! Have a lovely birthday and enjoy the time ahead of you! :) xx

    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed it Divya, thanks for being such a lovely and engaged reader1 x

  8. Muchas gracias Karii, fue genial! Jaja me encanta el primer libro, no puedo esperar a leer los otros! xx