It’s hard to look your best all day when you rely on bustling public transport systems to get around that can leave you looking worse for wear. Whether it’s a bus, a train, or the dreaded metro, the steamy, clammy conditions at rush hour can leave you looking like you’ve just run a 5k. I admit – I might be exaggerating the title of this post a bit – this makeup won’t leave you completely untouched, but they will hopefully make your makeup last that little bit better, and help you to clean things up the mess when it all gets too much.

Pocket mirror:
A must have for any on-the-go touch ups. If you're trying to save space, then you can use your compact as a mirror - just be sure to replace the mirror when you replace the compact!

It's highly doubtful that you'll have to redo your entire base, but I always carry a concealer on me for when the humidity get a bit too much and my face starts to literally melt of. As well as touch-ups, a handy concealer will have you covered if your dark circles start to reappear throughout the day, or if a horrendous spot decides to surface at the most inconvenient of times. 

Powder compact:
Let's face it, the main problem you're going to come up against is a shiny face - even if you have dry skin you're likely to get sweaty/oily when travelling on busy public transport. A pressed powder that is either translucent or fairly sheer will be your best bet - you don't want to go into full on cake-mode, but you might need the extra coverage/blurring power of a good powder. Make sure it has sturdy packaging though - there's nothing worse than you're favourite Chanel powder being crushed into oblivion on the way to class.

Frizz control stick:
If you're prone to ridiculous frizzy hair like me, this will be your new best friend. Even if you don't have massively afro-like hair, this does wonders for mischievous fly-aways that you might encounter whilst on the go. I've got one from Ojon called the Rare Blend Tamer Wand and it is now is a permanent feature in my handbag.

Tinted lip balm:
Being exposed to the elements is one of the main causes for dry, cracked, nasty lips. That's why, wherever I go, I always carry a lip balm on me (even if I forget to use it!) Even better - if it's tinted, it can be used to help transition from day to night, or even just help to perk up your face after one of those mornings on the tube. 

You've all been there, you know that public transport isn't known for smelling like spring meadows and daisies. Sometimes you just need a little pick me up, and that is where a spritz of perfume comes in. I like carrying around one of my trusty Travalos topped up with one of my favourite scents to keep me smelling fresh, but if you don't have one of those, simply carry around a couple of freebie perfume samples with you (I'm sure you've got plenty if you have ever been subscribed to Glossybox!) 

Oil control sheets:
For a dry-skinned girl like me, these aren't really necessary - but if you are used to turning into an oil-ball by the time lunch rolls around, these will be essential in your little kit. It's all very well packing the powder on to re-mattify, but if you haven't got rid of the majority of the oil that caused the problem in the first place, then you'll end up looking even worse.

I hate to sound like your mum, but it's always a good idea to have tissues about ones person. Spill your morning juice? Left the house without realising today's massive lipstick mishap? Got a bit sweatier than you would've liked on the metro? Tissues' got you sorted girl. 

Hand sanitiser:
Don't even get me started on the kind of germs you can pick up on the tube - it makes me shudders to even think about it! I'm in no way a germaphobe - but I know that I do not want to be touching my face whilst reapplying makeup without giving my hands a good blitz first. Public bathrooms are usually few and far between whilst out and about (and they're usually as dirty as the tube!) so your best bet is a quick squirt of some hand gel before touching your face. It's also very useful if you're in the mood for some quick finger food, or when you don't have time to eat breakfast before you leave the house! I personally love the Hand Maid sanitiser from Soap & Glory because it doesn't have that super strong alcohol scent that reminds me of a vodka shot, instead it has that gorgeous signature S&G scent - yum!

Do you have any Metro-proof makeup must-haves? Let me know!


  1. Hey Isobel! My eyes lit up at the mention of a "frizz tamer wand"!! I am definitely hunting it down soon! In humid weather the thing that goes out of hand is my hair and its a SERIOUS problem! :-P

  2. Love this post! And I love that you chose easy, no-fuss picks!

    A Thing of Beauty

  3. Great post Isobel, I wish I could hop on a metro and appear in a hot city/town!

    Kate xo //

  4. Haha that would be nice wouldn't it? x