1. Skype will become your very best friend.
2. As will your dictionary/translation app (if you're moving somewhere where they speak a different language.)
3. Packing lightly will become a lot easier (and if it isn't at first, it'll quickly become second nature.)
4. That despite what you might think, you can adapt to pretty much anything.
5. You'll learn to appreciate you own company more, and realise that being alone does not equal being lonely.
6. You'll be able to do most types of paperwork with your eyes closed.
7. That unfortunately life at home goes on without you, and you just have to get used to that.
8. Converting currencies in your head will become a daily task, and will soon become automatic.
9. Your communication skills will improve massively - whether there's a language change or not, different people/cultures do things differently.
10. You'll learn to appreciate home comforts, and not take the little things for granted.


  1. Hey Isobel! agree on every point! I may not have lived abroad for too long but yes 6 months in South Korea were pretty life changing! :-) Although i had a plenty of friends and a number of local friends it did not stop me from missing home every day! But its so much fun isn't it? :-)

  2. I've never lived abroad and I'm pretty sure I would be a wreck within about 20 minutes. I went to America for two months once and cried at least once a day cos I was so exhausted with trying to appear happy and enthusiastic all the time. They are just so damn happy over there! My miserable british mind couldn't take it! Great post x

  3. Sounds amazing, hopefully I'll be able to have a year abroad at some point :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  4. Living abroad has made me appreciate life a little more and I do find myself in one of these points!

  5. its all true! you become more independent, grow as a person, and you can really get to know yourself better, in my case I also had to calculate the taxes while shopping; I'm use to them being included.
    Your living away posts always make me feel so nostalgic! :)
    (btw i really like the cover of the book!) xx

  6. Wow South Korea, I've always wanted to go there! It really is a great experience :) x

  7. Oh Maddie, the first week away I am always a total wreck - I practically cry and sleep for seven days! Hahah I can just imagine - too much cheeriness! x

  8. I'm glad you enjoy these posts! Living abroad really does help you to grow as a person :) x

  9. Seriously love that I stumbled upon your blog today! It's got such a wonderful spot =) It really is true that you can pretty much adapt to anything--I've lived all over the U.S and surprisingly, every place is different and made up of different types of people.