Being a travelling girl with a love for makeup has caused some problems in the past. Having several full 15 pan MAC palettes and a 20kg luggage limit makes things a tad tricky when it comes to packing, so my beloved Z Palette has been one of my most used and abused pieces of kit over the years. I tend to switch up the colours that it carries every time I go on a longer trip, but there are a few that seem to be permanent features (as you can probably see from the photos!) I'm not really going to talk too much about the colours in the palette apart from a brief description - as I have an upcoming post that will cover some of them - but I want to concentrate on the palette itself that has gotten me out of a few sticky situations in the past. 

- MYTHICAL (LE) (veluxe pearl)

- TEMPTING (lustre)

- PHLOOF! (frost)

- CRANBERRY (frost)

- PATINA (frost)

- TRAX (velvet)

- ANTIQUED (veluxe pearl)

- CARBONIZED (LE) (veluxe pearl)

- NAKED LUNCH (frost)

This is my current rotation of eyeshadows, but in the past it has looked pretty different. Some other favourites include; Sumptuous Olive, Omega, Woodwinked, Club and Copperplate.

Back when I purchased mine, I got it off of the Love Make Up website, and that still seems to be one of the best options for getting your hands on your very own Z palette here in the UK. The palette itself comes in a variety of different patterns and sizes, ranging from the smallest (which is what I have), to palettes specifically designed for domed makeup, to extra large palettes that can hold up to 35 MAC-sized eyeshadow pans. They are also very affordable; mine costing only £8.99, and the largest going for a very reasonable £21.50. It also comes with some very handy magnets to stick onto the back of any depotted eyeshadows that you might want to put into it. A little warning though, although these 'stick' incredibly well to the Z palette, they don't seem to be quite as effective when used in the MAC Pro Palette, and vice versa for the pre-magnitised MAC eyeshadows in the Z palette. However, this isn't too much of a problem, as they still stay put, just not as securely. 

I have used this countless times over the years, so if you travel a lot, or just want to put all of your most-used shades in one small palette, then I can't recommend this enough. I don't feel like the Z palette gets talked about much in the beauty community, but it's become invaluable to me over the years.


  1. The colours are all so pretty! x

  2. I always struggle with an overflowing make-up bag when I travel, this is such a great idea!

  3. Oh Cranberry, sigh... I love! :P Those palettes seem fab and it's so handy to have such a compact one like this when travelling. I seem to take my entire makeup stash with me when I'm on the road. :P

    XO, G from grace'd

  4. I definitely want to get one of these palettes for my everyday shades as currently they're all jumbled up x


  5. Love love these colours! I have some of them but the combination of all of these is gorgeous! I usually take 2 quads when I'm travelling...i should probably just get one of these Z palettes instead!! Thnx for the review!

  6. I loved Naked Lunch! I remember craving for a Z palette years ago but I never got round to buying one :P

    Kate xo //

  7. Yep, they're some of my favourites ;) x

  8. I can't live without it - it's soooo handy for travelling! x

  9. I would definitely recommend getting yourself one! I do too ;) x

  10. No problem, I couldn't recommend them enough! In fact I'm considering getting another one!! x

  11. You're a bad spending influence on me! ;-) x