It was time for a change. My hair is naturally dry, so you can just imagine the ends after 7 months without a trim. However, instead of going in for a mere inch off the ends, I decided to go the whole hog and got 4 inches shaved off, ya' know, for fun - oh my. My hair hasn't been this short since I was 17, so the whole thing is quite different. Due to its frizzy, curly nature, it actually looks a lot shorter than it really is, which is making styling it harder than I thought. My hair has never been obedient, so I've been rocking the 'just rolled out of bed' look since '93, but that really doesn't seem to be cutting it with my shorter locks. I'm not quite sure how I got away with it in the humidity of Hong Kong, but I'm having trouble knowing how to tame this beast of a mane. The photo above was taken not long after I had it done, so it still had the signature, sleek look of the hairdresser's touch, but I don't think it's looked half decent since the first wash after leaving the salon chair. I love the look of it in the pictures, but I'm feeling a tad self-confident about it now, so if any of you shorter-haired ladies have any tips, do pass them on. I really want to love it, but I need to learn how to master it, so get commenting!


  1. I love shorter hair, I'm too afraid to get mine chopped off but I absolutely love the look of it. You really suit it! x

  2. You hair looks great!! i actually think it looks better than when it was long :).
    For tips i dont have many 2 months ago i had looong hair, but dry shampoo for volume, my small round brush has been a game changer, stock up on bobby pins, i use a hair mask no more than twice a week, and i try not to use too much heat on it, since i want it to grow healthy.

    would you do a post on all things hair? Id love to know your opinions and preferences on hair masks/treatments/shampooing etc etc etc.

  3. Oh you look great! I have had the same problem with my hair thanks to its curly ways! Always looks shorter than it is! If you are half as lazy as I am about styling I think a leave in is your best bet! :P I really like the Kerastase Elixir ultime and that makes my hair look "done" even when I would not have touched it with any heat! :P


  4. Your hair looks lovely hun, I recently got a bob cut in and I hated it so I started doing low ponys parting my hair at the front and curling the sides, but naturally with sea salt spray looks great xxx

  5. I might have to pick myself up some of that - thanks for the tip Divya, hope you enjoyed Spain! x

  6. Thanks so much, I've never really tried a salt spray before because my hair is quite voluminous anyway, but I might try one! x

  7. Aw thank you Karii! Thanks for the tips - I'll get going on a hair post ;) x

  8. OMG so many tips! I used to have hair I could sit on til I was about 20, then chopped it off to above my shoulders in 1 go.
    1. Give it time to settle. I think we have quite similar hair textures (fine and kinky right?). Give it at least 2 weeks to dry out a bit and get its original texture back before you reach your final verdict.
    2. Capitalise on volume. Shorter hair can look really lively and pretty as it's less weighed down, so get some texturising sprays stat.
    3. Don't wash it too much. Let it look lived in.

    Hope that helps my dear! You still have epic princess hair. So jeal. xxx