Well, this is something new isn't it? With all the reading I have to do for my degree, I often find myself steering clear from reading in my free time. However, when the holidays roll around, I seem to rediscover my love for sitting down with a good book for hours on end undisturbed. 

I'd be lying if my degree didn't have an influence on the sort of books I usually gravitate to. If I had to choose, I'd say that historical fiction is my favourite genre of book - I love following a story whilst still learning about the cultural and historical background behind it. Being a Russian language student, I am on a bit of a Russian kick at the moment (historically - not actually in Russian!!) so I've been getting through pretty much all of the Russian historical fiction section on Amazon (especially the Tsarist era). I'm also a big fan of stories set in Asia, especially China. I think that because I have a bit of prior knowledge about it from living in the part of the world, I don't feel too out of my depth and can really appreciate the historical and cultural significance to the stories.

Despite indulging in historical novels, as a language student I need to be constantly reading and improving, so I'm also working my way through the first Harry Potter book in Spanish. It is easy to read, but there is an insane amount of random and magic-related vocabulary to look up along the way. I can understand it all as I go along, but I tend to jot down vocab to add to my ever-growing list whilst reading, and then look it up and write it out properly at a later date (hence why it's taking me so long to finish!)

So without further ado, here's the little collection of novels that I've been hoarding on my Kindle to be devoured this summer;  

- The Winter Palace (A novel of the young Catherine the Great) by Eva Stachniak (completed)

- The Empress of the Night by Eva Stachniak (completed)

- The Russian Concubine by Kate Furnivall

- The Jewel of St Petersburg by Kate Furnivall

- Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal by J.K. Rowling (in progress)

- The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons (completed)

- Tatiana and Alexander by Paulina Simons (in progress)

- Summer Garden by Paulina Simons

- Peony in Love by Lisa See

What have you guys got lined up to read this summer? Any recommendations to send my way? 
Leave me a comment down below! 


  1. I really want to read the winter palace, when I studied history I was obsessed with Russia, the tsar and the war etc xxx

  2. The Winter Palace is great, but you have to read The Bronze Horseman - it's the most amazing story I have ever read. It's based during WW1 though so you won't get the tsarist aspect, but it's an incredible novel x

  3. This summer I have read The Casual Vacancy. It is the book that J. K. Rowling wrote after Harry Potter for an older public. I think is quite a good novel. Right now I am finishing a book (written in Spanish) about seven famous, interesting and amazing women (Coco Chanel, Wallis Simpson, Audrey Hepburn...). It is called Divas Rebeldes and I love it!

  4. You've inspired me to check out some Russian era books--I've been craving something differently lately! Loved the post <3


  5. I definitely will pick it up it's payday weekend, thank you for the recommendations hun xxx

  6. The ones I've read so far from that list have been phenominal - I couldn't recommend them enough. The tsarist and soviet eras are truly fascinating. Let me know if you decide to read any of them! x

  7. Ah I've been meaning to check out The Casual Vacancy. Plus thanks for the tip about Divas Rebeldes - necesito leer más libros en español pues creo que voy a leer eso :) x