Finding a place where you feel comfortable and inspired is essential when trying to accomplish anything in life. Uni work, blogging, day-to-day tasks - they all need a place where you can concentrate and get the task done with minimal distractions.

My workspace essentials:
- A clean, uncluttered surface
- Plenty of space to play around with products/ideas
- Lots of natural light
- Every type/colour of pen within reach as well as all of the notebooks
- Many, many plug sockets for all of my gadget needs
- Easy access to food/drink for when a hunger pang or a dry throat strikes
- Pretty things (flowers, art etc.) to keep me inspired
- Peace and quiet (not necessarily silence, but I don't work well whilst listening to music/watching TV)

What helps you concentrate?


  1. Oh my lord you have a cocktail trolley. I will be moving in shortly.

  2. WOW !!! I definitely need to find a peaceful uncluttered work space but my flat is way too tiny, there must be a way! xxx

  3. I always have to had many pens and many notebooks!

    Kate xo //

  4. You can stay in my room whilst I'm at Uni ;) x

  5. I know what you mean! I usually find the dining table good because it's never really messy in my house :) x

  6. Great post! It's so true also. My house is not big enough to find a dedicated office space! There's no point converting the dressing table as it would just end up with make up all over it! I'm now resolved in making my dining room more office friendly! Working on it today as it happens!