In my last post I mentioned that my weekend was going to be spent on the gorgeous Balearic Island of Ibiza to celebrate the wedding of my gorgeous cousin Lucy to her (now) husband Chris. As a sun lover, Lucy was determined to have her wedding somewhere warm and sunny - rather than our rather dreary and wet homeland. So it was decided - we were all to fly out to the sunny isle off of one of my favourite countries - España! Now I know that these photos aren't the greatest of quality, but they were all taken on my iPhone so I'm fairly impressed, and to be honest they get the mood across. They bride and setting were absolutely stunning - despite what you might think Ibiza was amazingly beautiful and very typically Spanish - mainly because we stayed on the other side of the island from the 'party zone'! I don't really have much else to say apart from Congratulations to the newlyweds and I hope you guys enjoy the photos that I managed to sneak in! 

Isobel x


  1. OMG what a dreamy wedding! It looks so gorgeous I can't even handle it
    Allison from

  2. Ibiza looks absolutely gorgeous! I love the cobalt blue dresses and the flowers as well. Beautiful wedding :)

    Emily //

  3. It truly looks like paradise! Congratulations to your cousin :) xx

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