CalenMob (free) -
I'm going to elaborate on my blogging process in an upcoming post, but Google Calendar is a huge part of the planning stage, and this handy little app means that I can access my schedule when I'm out and about without a having to use a browser. A lifesaver when you spend most of your life on the move.

Kindle (free) -
Whenever I have a spare minute to read (which is becoming less and less frequent!!) I love that I have the Kindle app on both my phone and iPad Mini and it's always synced. 

Memrise (free) -
As a language student, you need to be practising continually, and although I don't use this awesome app as often as I should, it's one of the best I've come across. You can make your own vocabulary lists or use one of the thousands already created to improve your language skills, whichever language it may be. Their website is also great for brushing up!

5K Runner (£1.99) -
If you're like I was a few months back and had never run in your life (unless forced) but want to give it a go, this is honestly the most amazing app to help you. I've talked more about it here, but basically each run builds your stamina up slowly, so you start with something like 1 minute running, 2 walking, and then a few weeks later you'll be up to 4 running, 3 walking etc. It is a great app for beginners and I would whole-heartedly recommend it!

Scanner Pro (£1.99) -
This app has been one of the most useful things I have ever purchased. I know, it sounds a tad boring but it has honestly saved my life on more than one occasion. Basically, this app takes a picture of anything you want to scan and creates a black and white version of it so it actually looks like it's been properly scanned. It then turns it into a pdf, and straight from the app you can email it, upload it or print it. It's great for paperwork on the go, and I've also used it to 'scan' a chapter or two of a book from the library that I needed for an essay (quite stealthily I may add!) I couldn't live without this one!

Clue (free) -
Not only is this one of the best period trackers I've come across in my time, but it's also the most discreet. Neither the name 'Clue' or the app icon looks at all incriminating (unlike SO many out there), and the whole design and functionality of this app are on point. Definitely one of the best apps out there for this type of thing. 

I know, I know, I'm a terrible human being for liking this but it's become my current 'click-on-when-bored-or-procrastinating' app, and despite it's ridiculously repetitive nature, it's just so goddam addicting!


  1. Do not be ashamed of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, it definitely has some magic addictive powers!

  2. Woohoo this came in handy- I have Japanese finals next week! Definately going to give memise a download :)

  3. Memrise sounds great - I'm slightly regretting taking Mandarin for the third year! x

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  4. I had no idea you could get the kindle app that's fab and omg I have wanted Kim K app for ages haha xx

  5. I just got an iPhone, so this was so helpful! I loveeee CalenMob as I like to stay organized!

    Emily //

  6. Clue is a staple on my phone too! I've been loving the game Monument at the moment :)

    Kate xo //

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  8. I too am horribly addicted to the Kim K game, I hide my phone from sight when playing it. But damn, I want to beat that Willow Pape...

    Kelly | Secondhand Spring

  9. You should - the website is great as well! x

  10. Yeah - you can get it on your iPad, iPhone and MacBook :) x

  11. Hahah same - I just broke into the top 10 A-listers!! x