A few months back I wrote a 'share the love' type of post that I think a lot of you enjoyed reading, so today I'm back to give you a second dose. These lovely ladies are some of my favourite reads, so if you haven't heard of some of them before, head on over and check them out - I promise you'll have some new blogs to read by the end of it.

Kate is an absolute sweetheart and not only is she a delight to converse with over social media (seriously, send her a tweet!) but her blog is really starting to become something special. She posts an array of gorgeous beauty posts that always have me adding to my mental shopping list, and her advice posts are a pleasure to read.
P.S. She's just started her first year at university, so head on over and wish her luck!

Megan is a truly lovely girl and her blog has been a favourite for quite a while now. She writes a refreshing mix of beauty, lifestyle and fashion posts, her photography is on point and her personality really shines through in her posts. I really enjoy reading her more 'personal' posts, especially her recent 'On university, career choices and changes of heart' which really hit home with me as, although I'm a few years ahead of her, I'm struggling with the same issues. Did I mention that her blog is gorgeous? God I love a good layout...

God this girl is gorgeous, and her blog is perfection in my eyes. I haven't really had the chance to talk to Holly yet, but I've seen her in my comments section a few times and I've been stalking her amazing blog from afar for a while. Holly combines flawless photography, beautiful editing and truly original ideas to make for a cracking blog all round.

From the moment we started talking, Divya and I have always got on. She's always lovely to talk to over twitter and her blog posts always bring a smile to my face. I'm a huge fan of her beauty posts as we have extremely similar tastes, and her large photos really add something special to her posts. 

Pale Lily by Sofia
I absolutely love Sofia's minimalist style and approach to blogging - her posts always captivate me and never leave me bored or uninspired - in fact, the I'm usually ready to reach for my camera. I don't know what it is but her blog just really calms me. A brilliant read in my eyes.

Style and Splurging by Charlotte
Charlotte has been a long time favourite of mine and her blog just keeps delivering. From a beautiful layout (can you tell I have a thing for layouts?) to great and clean photography, she has got it spot on. That combined with the fact that we have very similar taste when it comes to most things beauty make Style and Splurging one of my favourite reads.

Ziva is truly an inspiration to us all - her composition and editing of her photos is amazing, her posts are always colourful and a joy to read, and she even has her own photography ebook! That plus the fact that she's always so bubbly and generally a delight to talk to makes her one of my favourite blogging babes out there. 

Lady Liquor by Catherine
The first thing that attracted me about Catherine's blog was the beautiful photography - can you tell that photography is a big thing for me? I love her writing style her content is always fresh and well thought out. All in all it's a great blog that's definitely worth a read. 

A blonde girl living in a small yet jam-packed city in SE Asia - does that sound familiar? My TCK (third culture kid) side relates in so many levels to to this lovely lady. I love her effortless mix of beauty, style and generally awesome and chilled out lifestyle posts. This girl is definitely one to watch out for!

Incase you didn't get the chance to read my last instalment of 'The Good'uns', you can check that out here, and perhaps find even more blogs to add to your reading list.


  1. Thank you for the shout-out Isobel! It really made my day! :-)

  2. Thanks for the links - love some good blog reading :)

  3. Yay! Glad I could assist Emma ;) x