Getting yourself a Fitbit (or any other type of pedometer/fitness tracker) really opens your eyes to how many (or how little) steps you take in a day, and what that equates to in terms of calories and distance. It's honestly one of the best purchases I have ever made (and this is coming from a beauty obsessive) as it's really helped to change the way I approach fitness and my lifestyle in general. 

1. Instead of skulking down to your nearest Sainsbury's local - which is practically next door in my case - go to the bigger supermarket that extra 10 minutes away for part of your weekly shop. There are literally so many perks of this extra trip that often get outweighed by pure laziness; further away shops means more steps, carrying those heavier bags that extra ten minutes really help to tone your arms and increase your stamina, plus - bigger stores have way more selection of amazing goodies to shop for!

2. Slot in extra exercises when you'd usually be lying in bed/on the sofa. At night I've gotten into the habit of doing 100 squats when I inevitably cave and watch my daily dose of YouTube. 100 sounds like a lot, but do it in sets of 20 with a minute or two in between to rest, and you're done before you know it! Once you've accomplished that without too many complaints, up your number and try adding in some other basic moves like lunges or using small weights with your squats.

3. Get off the bus one stop before you usually would (or get on one after). Every little counts.

4. Go (window) shopping and really have a good look around. You wouldn't think it, but a good ol' nose in some of your favourite shops is the best way to get your daily number of steps up. You don't even have to buy something (which will challenge your willpower!), and if you do - more shopping to tone those upper arms!

5. Fancy a treat? Fine - you can have it, but you've got to work for it! If you're craving your favourite caramel macchiato from Starbucks or a pain au chocolate from a local bakery - walk as far as you can (within reason) to go and get it, head to the Starbucks 15 minutes away rather than the one on the corner. Also, try and ignore the logical part of your mind that wants to take the most efficient route and turn it on its head - try and take the most round-about way of getting there and back (again, within reason and time permitting). You never know what you might stumble across or who you might bump into!

Do you guys have any little fitness tips? Do share!


  1. I get off the tube a stop early on the way to work and the walk puts me in a better mood and wakes me up a bit, which is good. I find doing exercise for the sake of stress relief and mood enhancing and just forgetting about weight loss completely really helps me. When I do it to lose weight it's a drag, but if I go for a walk or (very occasionally) a run as a form of 'me time' with a podcast or something I actually really look forward to it.

  2. Such good tips! I like to park a few blocks away to get a few more steps in too! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

  3. Love these tips! I'd never think of some of these :)

    Kate xo //

  4. Really really great tips, especially walking further for treats as after the exercise you might feel like you don't need it too!! xxx

  5. Yay for finding new ways to keep eating chocolate but not feeling as guilty!! ;) x

  6. As full of bright ideas as always Maddie - yeah it definitely wakes me up when I walk further in the mornings too. I like the idea of 'me time' - might have to try it out :) xx