As the end of the year rolls around once again, it's time to look to the new year ahead of us and continue to grow and evolve. Isobel Rose is my biggest passion, and you - the readers - are what keep me coming back for more, so I want to continue to improve myself and my content to keep you coming back! I love the interaction with you guys, and it will always put a smile on my face when I see a regular commenter leaving a little message for me.

As thanks for completing this survey for me (and for being generally awesome!) I will be holding a little giveaway in the new year for all of my lovely readers. One of the ways of entering will be by completing this survey, so if you do this be sure to check that off when the giveaway is announced! There is no real way of me checking so this will be more of an honour system, so hopefully I can trust you guys to keep up your end of the deal ;) 

So, I guess all that's left to say is thank you for all of your support, and here's to another great year in 2015! 

Isobel x

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  1. Just did it :) xx

  2. Your bed looks so comfy! Im sure youll have another great year :) X

  3. Great idea :)

    Kate xo //

  4. Thanks Karii - oh my that bed is a dream! x