Hehe sorry for the post title - I couldn't resist!

I'm trying really hard at the moment to up my fitness game - not only so I look good for those graduation photos in the summer, but also to help to manage my stress levels during these last few gruelling months of university. I've been trying to hit the gym three times a week, as well as trying out some pilates and yoga at home on nights where it's far too cold to venture outside. I'm not going to lie, it's been extremely tough at times to keep myself going (and sometimes I still can't be bothered) but I've found that there's a few things that have really helped to keep me motivated when the goings get tough, and some other things that I've just generally found useful when getting my sweat on.

Fitbit Flex:
My Fitbit has been a huge motivator when it comes to getting off my backside and getting active. I use it primarily as a pedometer, but you can also track calorie intake, water intake, sleep patterns and exercise on it. I am constantly checking how many steps I've taken, and when time allows, purposely taking the longer route on journeys to get my count up. Before getting one, despite the fact that I knew that I couldn't be getting many steps in during a uni day, I didn't realise just how little I was actually doing. This has definitely made me more aware of my movement, and even though it can be hard to hit 10,000 steps whilst stuck in a lecture all day, it still pushes me to want to move more - and that's always a good thing.

Extra thick yoga mat:
Suffering from lower back pain has kept me away from yoga and pilates in the past, but since buying this thicker yoga mat, I've been able to do lots of things that were perhaps too uncomfortable to do before. I bought this one from Amazon and it's great quality and comes with a carrying strap for when you want to exercise on the move. I've found it incredibly useful for extra support, and I'm now able to increase my core strength, which in turn is helping my back as well!

Bose headphones:
The day I caved and bought these ultra fancy headphones was the day my world changed forever. Yes, they are more expensive than a years worth of food shopping, and yes, I lost my breathe a little when I handed over my card for them, but the QC 20i headphones from Bose have been the best investment that I have made in years. Now I'm not saying that you need flashy noise cancelling headphones for working out - that would be absurd - but I like using them because they're insanely comfy (do anyone else's ears actually hurt from wearing the Apple ones?) but I can also turn on the noise cancelling and tune out the crappy music on at the gym and all of the surrounding jibber jabber and just concentrate on what I'm doing. P.S. these are also a lifesaver for plane rides and studying. 

iPhone armband:
This is a recent addition to my fitness 'stash', but it is a very welcome one indeed. Running on a treadmill or hitting the cross trainer with your iPhone is fine because there's a designated place for it, but once you're done and want to (term used lightly) get your squat on or lift some weights, you're pretty much screwed. I'd personally had enough of trying to secure my phone under the strap of my sports bra (TMI?) so I thought it was about time to get myself a handy little case to keep my music secure whilst keeping active. The particular case I bought (link here) is great as it keeps the phone safe, has a slot for your key, and the plastic screen cover still let's you use your iPhone without getting your sweaty fingers all over it!

A good gym playlist:
Personally, a good beat when I'm exercising makes a world of difference. It's the same sensation as when you're in a club - when there's a good song on you want to dance, and when there's a funky beat playing you want to run that bit faster or push that bit stronger. I'm a girl of quite simple taste, but I sure did notice that I like a bit of Nicki Minaj booming when I put together my Gym Mix for you guys on Spotify - I guess her bad-ass attitude makes me want to turn the treadmill speed up to 9 and run like hell! I just really find that a beat helps to pace myself, and just makes a workout just more enjoyable.

Do you guys have any workout favourites or gadgets? Let me know!


  1. I love the Bose Earphones! I have the older one without noise canceling but the comfort of wearing them and not having to constantly put them back in the ear is worth the pennies! :-)

    So good that you are working on your fitness! Go Isobel! :D

  2. Totally need a iphone armband can't believe I haven't got one for running yet && a good pair of headphones and a supportive yoga mat are v important. I had a fit bit but it was like a clip one and basically was just a step counter I was so bummed out but I think the flex's look so much better xxx

  3. I'm so with you on your music choices - when you work out, there's no justifying your music, it just has to be whatever gets you moving!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  4. Haha exactly - no one has to know what's going on inside those headphones! x

  5. Looks like you need to get on Amazon! x

  6. Thanks Divya - it feels good to accomplish something useful! The Bose headphones are the dream... <3

  7. Haha man I need a mat, but first I need MOTIVATION. Seriously. Zero in me right now.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  8. All your recommendations are must-haves in my book too! Although I dropped one of my Bose earbuds into a cup of tea and it was never the same again. I was furious! You've also reminded me that I need to charge my Fitbit (I have the One) and start using it again. The new Fitbits with the watch/heartrate monitor have totally caught my eye too but I don't know if they would, uh, cramp my style? ;)
    XO Camey

  9. OH my - RIP Bose!! You definitely need to get your fitbit out again - I often forget to put it back on after charging it, and then I kick myself if I do loads of walking/exercise without it on!! x