Hello everyone! I know today isn't part of my ever-other-day posting schedule, but I had to make an exception and draft up this mini post for you all. As you may or may not know, I've been friends with the delightful Maddie from Qworter life crisis/Dinner with Maddie for quite a few years now, but that isn't the reason that I'm typing up this post. Maddie has always been a huge inspiration for not only me, but for a lot of people out there looking for someone truly funny, down to earth, and extremely relatable. Yesterday, as part of Maddie's new 'Teatime' series on YT, she posted an excellent video about body confidence and recommended some great tips to help you feel your best. I really feel like this video sends out an amazing message to women of all ages (or men!) and I strongly encourage all of you to watch it.

I'm sure lot's of you know about Maddie's amazing blog already, but if you don't, make sure to visit her at www.dinnerwithmaddie.com/, or through her YT, Twitter, or Instagram. I feel like this girl has a really great message to send to the world, and has a hell of a lot more to offer. Watch this space!

Isobel x

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  1. I really enjoy Maddies videos, haven´t seen that one yet but certainly will!