Growing up, eyeliner was always my 'thing'. Having a sister four years older than me meant that I had an interest in makeup from a young age; and as thick, black eyeliner was always a favourite of hers, it quickly became a staple for me. In fact, I remember once arriving at school when I was about 11/12 years old and being pulled to the side and told that I had too much eyeliner on. Of course, I decided to ignore the haters and kept on rocking my heavy black eyeliner (which, looking back, certainly was not a good look against my pale, hormonal skin!)

Fast forward a few years and I finally came to the realisation that dark brown was a much more flattering shade on my skin, and that eyeliner looks much better if you apply it to both the upper and lower lashes (yes - I'm ashamed to admit that until then it was only on the lower lash line!!) It was still pretty full on, but over the years it has softened and developed into the the way that I wear it now - light along the entire upper lash line/waterline, and minimal on the outer corner of the lower lash line. Perfection - on occasion that is. During the last few months, I've gone from wearing that style of eyeliner nearly everyday to wearing it once in a while. Instead, I've been favouring a much simpler look - simple eyeshadow (usually only one shade - the horror!!) and a lashing of mascara. Fifteen year old me would frown in disgust at the person I've become, but I've found myself enjoying the ease and simplicity of this look, and preferring to save eyeliner looks for special occasions or the odd 'shake-up' day. Without sounding a million years old, I think that learning to embrace your natural self comes with age; I'm only a month away from turning twenty-two and I am much more comfortable in my own skin than I was even three years ago. For me, makeup has become more of a treat/way to express myself, rather than a mask to hide behind - used to cover up my 'many' flaws and boost my confidence.  

So - there's the story of my life!! Have any of you found your relationship with makeup changing as you grow older? If so, how? I'm very curious, so leave a comment below!


  1. I used to think that powder was essentially a softer form of foundation, and wipe it all over my face with the little sponge thing it came with, and that was the make-up look I went for every day! I love looking back on our younger selves, it's amusing.

    xx Susan | Growing Daydreams

  2. I used to were a thin black line of eyeliner all the way round my eye which in hindsight closed them up and made them look pea size! Now I'm the same as you and opt for brown eyeliner or just a simple shadow and mascara :)

    Kate xo //

  3. This is funny because I'm so much the same! My sixteen year old self would be suspicious of my overflowing makeup drawers, shouting, "But haven't we found our holy grail items yet? Why do you have so much? We're supposed to find one set of products that works and use them forever!!" I really used think.I would find one product in each.category that made me look 'perfect' and never use anything else, but now.I understand makeup so much better and appreciate all the different products. This post made me smile thinking back on my makeup :)
    Rebecca | The Two Twenty Somethings

  4. Gurl ya don't even need eyeliner! Your eyes and lashes are so nice!

    My eyes look much bigger and awake with just a bit of liner on the top, but I rarely wear eyeliner because I really just can't be bothered :P

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. I cringe when I see photos of my 15y/o self! I too had an eyeliner problem.. although to be honest It was one of the best black eyeliners I've ever use, If only I remembered where I got it from LOL.
    I think your current look is great! that eyeshadow looks lovely! x

  6. Oh dear haha! I just hope it was the right shade ;) x

  7. At least we finally learnt ;) x

  8. Aw thanks but they are honestly so stumpy and rubbish IRL - this is the work of the magic YSL Baby Doll mascara! x

  9. Haha will we ever find our hold grail item?!?! x