When Maddie from Dinner with Maddie tagged me to write this post, I was thrilled. If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I asked you guys if you wanted an updated peek into my handbag a week or so ago, so this tag couldn't have come along at a better time. However, this has a bit of a twist. This will be completely uncensored; no bullshit, no Instagram-worthy setups, no planted items to make me look cool/smart/popular, just exactly what happens to be in my bag at the moment. If you read Maddie's post, you'll see that she is a wise one indeed - a woman's handbag is extremely private and can say a heck of a lot about the woman that carries it. So, what do the contents of my handbag say about me? Let's take a look...

Like any other girl, I have a lot of rubbish floating around - receipts, old train tickets, empty boxes of medicine - the lot. However, the rest of the items contained within my daily handbag say more about me than you might realise. For example...

A stack of post-its and several pens tells you that I'm a fairly organised person and that I will never find myself in a sticky situation without a pen. I'm useful to have around for situations that require filling out forms, I'll tell you that. I also make more to-do lists and notes than anyone I know.

Packs of medicine including a box of Piriteze and a sanitary pad tells you that not only do I like to be prepared for any situation, but I am also a person that suffers terribly from hay fever, and for that reason I hate British summers!

Multiple lip products tell you that despite my desperate attempts not to fall into the category of 'lipstick hoarder', I have inadvertently failed. To be fair, I have mixed it up a bit as my choices are pretty damn varied: Mehr from MAC, Estée Lauder's Crystal Baby, a Nivea lip balm, and a Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stain (long name much?) in Honey. Now that's definitely a lip colour for every occasion!

'I am that girl' by Alexis Jones tells you that I'm trying my hardest to get motivated and figure out what I want to do with my life/career. It also tells you that I have a wonderful friend that gave me this book for my 22nd birthday to help get me going. Said friend is actually Scarlett, the founder of an online magazine that I write for called Scriptoeris. A lot of posts have been going up recently so go and check it out! (Shameless plug alert)

My Bose noise cancelling headphones tell you that I appreciate quiet. These things are great for blocking out background noise when you want to listen to music on the tube, and also work perfectly even without music if you want to cut out all of the chatter to study or read. The fact that they're still in their fancy case also tells you that they were ridiculously pricey and are therefore treated like my own offspring.

So what do the contents of your handbag say about you? 
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  1. Love this post! What a great twist on the normal What's in my bag post :)

    Kate xo // www.beautybabbles.com

  2. Looks very similar to the inside of my handbag! I'm going to go check out that book sounds like a good read :)

    Check out my MAC Lipliner x3 Giveaway!


  3. I have so many 'just in case' products in my bag! x


  4. Love the Pull&Bear pouch! Great post, interesting and different. x

  5. I like this tag! I have so many just incase items and a lot of paracetomol and piriton too.

    Lissy, lissyhayes.co.uk

  6. I loved Maddie's post and yours too! hehe :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  7. Thanks Kate! I totally forgot to tag you - I want to see yours! xx

  8. Thanks Karii - it came with my sunglasses ;) x

  9. I never like to be caught off guard ;) x

  10. Thanks Sheri! I'd love to see your version :) x