So, whilst rewatching some of Jenna Marbles' videos the other day on YouTube, I came across one of my all time favourites - "Things I don't have time for...". Whilst chuckling along, I thought to myself that this would make quite a funny blog post. Therefore I present to you, 'Ain't nobody got time for... - Blogging Edition' (although to be fair some of these might just be me being a grumpy git!)

- Taking part in every Twitter chat
- The dozens of 'press releases' that arrive in your inbox every day.
- Buying 'dupes' for the sole purpose of a blog post - 2 of everything? No thanks!
- ALSO; buying a crap product just for the purpose of reviewing it
- SALES- full stop. If I didn't want it the first time, why would I want it now?
- Using other apps to edit my Instagram photos - only preset filters for me!
- Scheduling tweets for every post/video etc. 
- People who suck up to brands/'bigger' bloggers
- When inspiration hits in the middle of the night/a rainy day

What don't you have time for?

I x


  1. The first one? OH YES! I have ZERO patience for those chats have been on one and swore never to never again! Also I like your sales point.. so true! I also don't have time to comment on blogs who never reply to my comments! ;-)

  2. Oh my gosh yes, I so agree with you here! I'm sure scheduling tweets would probably boost my blog numbers but ain't nobody got time for that!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  3. Hahaha you nailed it - especially the Twitter chats! A lot of the big ones are on UK time, but 8PM there is 3PM here, which is right in the middle of my work day ha.

    Melissa | Hanover & Pearl

  4. I know! I just can't get into scheduling tweets! x

  5. Ugh they're too much for me!! Oh I'd better reply to your comment then ;) xx