Okay, so this WiFi thing in Mexico hasn't really gone to plan. I had loads of posts that were mostly done to post whilst I'm on holiday, but none of them had been finished enough to be scheduled and then the internet has been so temperamental here that I haven't even been able to access Blogger to hit 'Publish' - poor planning on my part is to blame. This post should've gone up yesterday, but I was so excited when I found a spot with just enough signal to post 'A new direction' that I published that without realising that every other Sunday is reserved for #WIBL, so here we are on a Monday with a belated #WIBL (what has the world come to?!) I hope you enjoy and with a bit of luck I'll be able to get a few more posts up before I return to the UK on the 9th! 

I remember when my good friend Caroline was raving about this a few years ago and for a while I couldn't get it off of my mind. Thanks to a few well-spent Boots points, this baby was mine to enjoy, and I'm glad because it's just so lovely! I suck at describing perfumes, but it has a very sweet, yet chic scent to it that lifts my mood. I know that describing a scent as 'sweet' can often leave people imagining teenage Britney Spears type perfumes, but I can assure you that the YSL is a hell of a lot classier than that.

MAC Mineralise Skinfinish in Stereo Rose (£24 - LE):
Ever since MAC's Stereo Rose first hit the scene all of those years ago, it's been desperately sought after every time it makes a reappearance in a LE collection. Luckily for me, I got my hands on this back when I was still living in Hong Kong and had the mobile number of the local MAC store's manager to reserve any items coming in at any time (ah, those were the days!) Stereo Rose is a bright orange coral that is laced with bronze, pink, and gold shimmer that works an absolute treat during the summer. For me personally it can be a bit too bright once the temperature starts to drop, but anyone darker than a NW15 should be able to pull it off all year round. 

Nails Inc Gel Effect in Covent Garden Place (£15):
Isn't this an amazing colour?! When I received it in the Glamour Summer Edit box it filled my heart with glee - it truly is one of the best S/S colours that I own. Although I wouldn't say that this particular polish lasted as well as I would expect from a 'gel effect' polish, the colour is still gorgeous and it has amazing shine. The other colours in line look really pretty as well if this isn't your kind of shade!

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