How's your October been? Mine's been fairly uneventful, apart from a little trip back to my beloved Hong Kong in the middle of the month. Also, this month, Autumn has really taken over in England - the leaves are turning a gorgeous, crisp amber colour, and the winds are starting to feel more artic by the day (which I personally love because it means that I can break out my knits!) The month's not quite over yet, and before November graces us I'll be relocating back down to the beautiful city of Bath, which is the first step in trying to sort my life out so wish me luck! So that's about it - shall we get on to some favourites? Make sure to leave your own favourites/thoughts about October below in the comments :)

The Amazing Race:
When I found out that The Amazing Race was on Amazon Instant Video I nearly flipped out. Honestly, Beth and I chatted excitedly all night on Twitter (and have actually drawn up plans to enter one year!) and I've since watched three seasons... oops.

When I decided to vlog my trip to HK I never realised how much I missed it (see here)! I still hate the editing process, and I'll never be the next Michalak family, but I did like filming and the reaction I got from you guys. I'm thinking of vlogging every now and again when I'm doing something interesting; I don't want to focus on the YouTube side of things because that doesn't interest me, but I will probably still upload it to YT so I can host it easily on the blog!

I saw this app mentioned on Chaitra's gold mine of a blog and I have been using it every. single. day. If you've been around for a while then you'll know that I LOVE a good to-do list, and the fact that this app comes with a sync-able version for pretty much every platform out there makes me beam with joy. If you feel like you're more productive with a to-do list, then check out Todoist here

Been busy this month? 
Here's a round-up of the posts that have gone live over the last 30 days so that you can catch up! 

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