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Is it just me, or has everyone turned into a self-proclaimed expert in one field or another recently? The internet and its ever-growing web of information have become an excellent resource for all of us over the last decade or so, but a recent wave of blog-related success has appeared to bring out the inner 'guru' in many, leading to a never-ending list of posts with titles along the lines of '10 ways to grow your blog now!' or 'How to edit your Instagram feed to create more traffic'. Now, I'm all for people sharing their hard-earned knowledge in their area of interest/study/work with the rest of us (what would we do without them?!) but where I'm finding myself having a problem is with bloggers by the hundred writing up 'advice' posts when a whole bunch of them aren't even slightly qualified to be giving said advice (without a disclaimer, anyway.) It may seem harmless, but the amount of newer bloggers who have clearly googled 'how to be a successful blogger' and have treated every post they've found as truth is extremely evident. Through these posts, it seems that there has become a kind of criteria for the 'perfect blog' which has been totally taking away from the originality and freedom that the world of blogging is based on, as well as creating hundreds of look-alike blogs who only churn out content that 'fit' the criteria. *News flash!* There isn't a set formula for creating a successful blog beyond hard work, dedication, and a passion for what you're doing. In fact, many of these advice posts promote behaviour that would actively encourage me to unfollow a blog rather than help it grow - a bazillion hashtags and spam-commenting on every blog that ever existed or will exist, anyone?

Like I said, I'm totally for giving advice when you feel like you have the experience or expertise to back it up, but beyond that I'm sick of reading the same generic advice posts scattered through my Bloglovin' feed. This is the precise reason that I tend to stay away from these types of posts on Isobel Rose, so if you ever see one pop up then be damn sure that I feel like I am qualified/experienced enough to be sharing that information. What's more, if you ever spot me posting about something that you don't think I know much about then please call me on my bullshit - I'd rather be shot down than spread unproven 'advice' to those out there who are unsure to filter out useless information. 

Before I wrap this up, I wanted to provide a short list below of bloggers that I know are experts in their field. I don't have a long list purely because I have unfollowed a lot of 'guru' bloggers in the past, but the lovely ladies below are definitely worth bookmarking.

- Jen @ Jen Carrington 
- Elsie & Emma @ A Beautiful Mess
-  The girls @ The Nectar Collective

What do you think about the new generation of self-proclaimed gurus? Which blogger's advice do you trust? 
Let me know in the comments!


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