Besides the obvious that is...

Some quality earphones like my beloved Bose QuietComfort® 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling® Earphones, because sometimes you want to listen to your music/a podcast without all the jibber-jabber in the background. Plus, if you get noise cancelling earphones, you can just turn them on but not actually plug them in if you just fancy some peace and quiet or you want to read your book.A book (or a book-reading device) because our generation doesn’t read enough - and no, your Twitter feed doesn’t count. As soon as I got back into reading, I managed to read 7 books in a month and a half, and that was only by reading a few chapters a night. Seriously, do your brain a favour and ingest something that isn’t Kardashian-Jenner related (guilty!!)A way to top up your phone’s battery. Yes, this is a total contradiction to my previous point, but who are we kidding? You’re going to refresh your Instagram feed until your finger goes numb, and then you’ll run out of battery when you actually need your phone for things that a phone is actually made for, like calling for a ride or texting a friend/SO/family member to let them know you got somewhere safely. Whether you have a cool battery pack or a nifty little keyring like mine so you can plug into any USB device, make sure you’re covered, girl.A pen, because you don’t want to be that girl who always has to borrow one, which can cause you to develop an unorganised reputation (well to me, anyway) Preferably stuff two or three in there for good measure.A decent emergency pouch - and by decent, I mean something more useful than an empty pack of Nurofen and a crumpled tampon wrapper. This is something that should be totally customised to your particular needs (suffer from allergies? Put a handful of antihistamines in there etc.) but some essentials would include some Nurofen, a plaster or two (as well as the blister variety) a spare hair tie, some sanitary pads/tampons, a safety pin, and maybe a mini pack of wet wipes. Trust me, as soon as you pop this in your bag, you’ll feel much more equipped to face whatever the world decides to throw at you that day.
What do you consider to be a must in your handbag? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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