The beauty world is frivolous - we often find ourselves caught up in the glitz and glamour of the newest launches yet often forget to hype up the products that remain behind the curtain, unseen to all but the user. That's right, I'm talking the essential essentials - the deodorants, the hair masks, the razors - ya know, the unsung heroes of the beauty world. Well, today I'm going to give those poor bastards the shout out they so desperately deserve and talk about my favourite behind-the-scenes beauty bits.

As with many of us, I've tried my fair few of deos over the years and have passed over many that have proved themselves unworthy - I'm telling you, a Hong Kong summer will strike down even the strongest of contenders! Then I tried deodorant-creams, the ones where you twist them up and white stuff comes out of holes at the top (a brilliant explanation, I know) These are by far the longest lasting, most efficient antiperspirants I've come across. I'm a fan of clean scents so I love this one by Sure, but Dove makes similar ones which are just as good.

I'm not particularly fussy when it comes to razors but the reason that this one has become a favourite of mine is quite obviously because of its petite size. I have a constant case of the travel bug and am therefore getting away whenever I can, so the smaller the better! I wouldn't bother carrying it around in its little case, though, because that makes it three times bigger.

I've mentioned my love for the Garnier Intense 7 Days creams here and here so you know that I'm a fan. This stuff soaks in really quickly and gives me super soft and silky legs - something that I didn't have for years because of my terribly dry skin. A year or so ago I stopped being able to find my favourite one, a peach scented gel-cream, but this shea butter lotion does the same job (but doesn't smell quite as good) and keeps my pins in tip top shape!

I'm a big fan of hand creams - my stash would probably last the average person a good few years - but this is definitely one of the best. So what makes C&E hand creams so special you may ask? Good question. It's really just a mix of their amazing scents, their nourishing properties and the fact that they sink in super quickly and don't leave you with greasy or sticky hands. It's a yes from me!

FOOT FILE: Scholl Velvet Smooth Foot File 

I know that feet can be a bit of a touchy subject, but I simply couldn't finish this post without including this bad boy. Without getting into too much detail, this foot file is electrical so you don't have to do all the hard work when it comes to getting rid of any dead or rough skin on your tootsies. I do this every night followed by a thick coat of cream before I go to bed (the model I have only works when your skin is dry, but there are models that work on wet skin as well) I seriously couldn't imagine my life without it and that's a big statement to say about a foot file. 

What are your essential essentials? Do share!


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