hey guys,
so i know this is a tad overdue but i guess late is better than never?

so today i'm going to do a quick review of the recently released sleek brow kit. I am a big believer that well-groomed eyebrows can transform a face. A lot of girls leave this step out when doing their makeup but I think by just shaping and setting your brows it will frame your face and complete your look. I love using MAC omega eye shadow to fill in my brows or MAC eyebrow pencil in fling. However, these are not exactly cheap so I was excited when sleek brought out this kit as it is one of the only affordable brow solutions out in the market at the moment.

The Sleek Brow kit is available in two shades; light and dark. I decided on the light version which suits my colouring better.

you can see here that the set, along with a brow powder and a brow wax, comes with a angled brush, a flat brush and a pair of mini tweezers. to my surprise, both of the brushes work really well and the tweezers are both effective and cute! I actually keep these in my bag for on-the-go grooming!

Hopefully in the photos, you can see how the kit compares to my natural brows. after trialling it for a while, i've concluded that it's a decent product, but it really is all down to your colouring. for me, both the powder and the wax lean a bit too warm for my skin and hair. I have quite ashy-blonde hair so the colours seem far too warm and red toned on me. However, I could get away with it, and maybe its just my obsession with makeup and my experience that calls it out for being too warm on me. To anyone else, its probably not noticeable.

Overall it is a really good product, providing that it suits you, and I would definitely give it a go!

(5/5 if it had suited my colouring better!)

The Sleek Brow Kit is available from superdrug and superdrug.com for £7.99.

I hope this was helpful and do let me know what you guys think!

Isobel Rose

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