Hello all,
So as I write this post, I am in my bed in HK, its 2am and I am incredibly jet lagged. I'm a bit annoyed as i'd actually written this post up already on the heathrow express but the rubbish free wifi didn't save it :(

Anyway, as many of you may know, I am a HUGE fan of llymlrs, and love her fashion sense. Well, she's got an online store called JWLRY. I've been pondering buying something for a while for the store but I could never make up my mind, but in the end, I decided upon the '5 Stone Ring Mix'. For me, this is perfect as I love everything in the store but just could not make up my mind! In this mix, you get sent a random mix of 5 rings for the amazing price of just £10! I am really chuffed with the selection I got, some which I would've chosen, and some that I perhaps would've of, but really love anyway! Ok, enough chit chat, let me show you which rings I received!

cute little polka dot bag :)

These babies took about a week to arrive and cost about £2.50 delivery but I am very happy with them and am considering buying another random 5! The thing I love most about these is that they are all adjustable, so they can fit anyone and any finger - perfect!

Check out JWLRY here!

* If you're not feeling brave enough to go for a random selection, you can pick 5 rings that you want and insert the code '5MIX' at checkout and get them for £12.50 rather than £20 :)

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