Hey guys,
In case you didn't see my most recent video (featured at the bottom of this post), I went to go and get my hair done yesterday. I've always wanted ombré-d hair, but being a natural blonde it's almost impossible to get an ombré affect. Any way, my good friend and hairdresser decided she would try to help me achieve a transition look in my hair. As I am blonde - it's very subtle but I'm really happy with it! See the pictures below :)

The hairdressers I go to -
The Strand, Cochrane Street, Hong Kong 

To achieve a more natural ombré affect, they backcombed my hair and applied the dye like that. I've never heard of this method before but it worked out really well as it means you don't get a obvious line where your hair changes colour.

Me after washing the dye out (pulling a silly face!) - You can already see the gradient affect!

The final product in the salon :)

In natural light to show the ombré a bit better!

To sum it up - I love my new hair! I haven't been as blonde as the ends of my hair since I was little! If you are in HK definitely check out The Strand - it's my favourite hairdressers of all time! I never thought I would ever be able to ombré my hair without dyeing it darker first so I'm really happy! Let me know what you think :)


  1. Love it! I much Prefer this sort of ombré to really dark hair and then shocking blonde ends. This looks really natural and the colour of the blonde is lovely. X