Hey guys,

So FINALLY after 6 days of waiting (get it together glossybox!!) my November glossybox has arrived! This month is full of lovely little stocking fillers fit for Christmas! On a side note, OMG CHRISTMAS IS REALLY SOOOON! Ok that's my little spaz moment over. Luckily, this box was pretty worth the wait - I would have been really annoyed if the box was full of rubbish. Anyway, let's have a quick peek shall we!

The contents of my glossybox this month :)

I've tried another Ayuuri product before in a previous glossybox. I'm a bit cautious about trying out a new face cream but it is a great size and smells lush so I will give it a go!

Now this is something I am really excited to try. I have never tried this type of exfoliator and dermalogica is a brand that I really trust. Definitely going to give this a go today - exciting!

Well doesn't this look luscious and creamy? This will be just the ticket for horrible winter skin :)

Originally I was rather disappointed when I opened my box to find the top coat form Nails Inc. waiting for me when there were 2 colours on offer. Then I thought to myself, if I really wanted the colours, I would have already bought them! The Nails Inc. topcoat is something that I never considered buying as I didn't want to spend £11 on a top coat when I already love my seche vite top coat. Now I get to try this - yay!

Yum :) This is actually a decent sized perfume sample for once! 

So overall I am fairly impressed (apart from the delivery time!) I am excited to try out all of the products, especially the exfoliator and the body butter. This has definitely been one of the better boxes for a long time so let's hope their trend will continue for next month! 

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