Hey guys,
So I'm still at home for Christmas and the internet here is atrocious, it literally takes all night to upload a video. So I decided to do a blog post rather than a haul video as I only have a couple of things to show anyway. Firstly, I went shopping to Westfield (White City) yesterday with Caroline and I picked up a few things :)

So firstly, some nail polished (like I needed any more!!). First, we popped into the Model's Own Bottle shop (which is incredible by the way!) and picked up some bits! They had some amazing deals on, 4 for £12 and 7 for £20. Of course, Caroline and I had to take advantage of this and each chose 2 polishes. Since they have every colour they have ever made in the shop I decided to choose 2 that you don't usually find in Boots. In the end, I got Prussian Blue and Peacock Green (gorgeous!). Then we headed over to a nail shop and I picked up an OPI Mini for £3! God knows what it's called though!! Finally, I spotted this gorgeous baby blue colour called World's End which reminded me of a polish, also from Topshop, that Sammi from Beautycrush was talking about called Celestial. 

Just a close up of the gorgeous-ness of Peacock Green.

Then, as many of you may know I got Topshop's Chelsea Alegra Boots for Christmas, so I wanted to get some cute socks to go with them. I ended up picking these three for £8.

Then, onto my Asos purchase that I made a few days ago! Firstly, as many of you may know, I've been loving my Boyfriend Ribbed Beanies from ASOS in Khaki and Oxblood, so I decided to pick up a bright blue one to pair with plainer outfits to jazz them up a bit. This cost £7 and you can find it here.

Then I wanted to get some new sunglasses to keep in my car so I don't get blinded! I purchased these black ones with a slight cat-eye effect which I love! They cost £12 and you can find them here. I might actually keep these ones and put my older pair in my car! Then, I ordered a floral glasses case (as I wasn't aware that the glasses would come with one!) just to keep them in. This was only £5 and the link for that is here

A sneaky close up of the glasses!

So that is it for my little haul! Hope you guys enjoyed :)


  1. Great haul! The nail polish shades look gorgeous :)