Today I wanted to show you guys this recent polish released from Barry M. They have released a handful of gorgeous pastel shades with this crazy texture. Before first applying this I was worried about how rough this polish might feel on my nails - but I didn't find it irritating at all. Due to the texture, I didn't want to apply a top coat, but this lasted about 5 days without a single chip, and looked presentable for about a week - amazing! Over time, the appearance stayed the same but the bumps were worn down so much so that it felt smooth by the end of the week. The only problem that I have with this polish is that due to the rougher texture, I found my nails getting dirty a lot. Say if i somehow got my nails on my face (happens more that you realise!) I would get foundation on my nails, and would have to wash/scrub them to make them clean again.

Apart from that tiny detail, I really like this new texture a lot more than I thought I would. I thought that they rough texture would annoy me as I like smooth nails, but it didn't bother me at all! For only £3.99, I would definitely recommend giving one of these a go!