So, day 1! I talked a bit about my arrival in Morocco in my previous post, so I'm just going to start where I left off. We arrived at the hotel at about 6pm, the perfect time to see the sun set over the stunning terracotta architecture. We were then shown to our rooms and were offered a fresh cup of the most delicious Moroccan mint tea - delish! We all got scrubbed up a bit and headed over to the bar for cocktails and snacks under the rising moon and were treated to an assortment of Moroccan-themed entertainment, including belly dancing and tasselled-fez swinging! Soon the warmth of the day started to disappear and we headed into the main, Moroccan themed restaurant. Stepping into the restaurant was honestly like stepping into a fairy tale. The walls were intricately carved, it was lit by candle light, and there was a fountain surrounded by trees in the centre of the room.  Oh my, the food was amazing! To start we were treated to an assortment of bread, and then we quickly moved onto our main courses. I have put a picture of mine above, it was Atlas Mountain herb-crusted lamb rack with grilled polenta, rosemary and spinach. It was amazing!! Then we moved onto the desert, and I decided to play it safe and opted for two scoops of home-made chocolate ice cream. I must say, although that was delicious, the best part of the pudding was the passion fruit home made fruit pastel - I could have eaten about 5 more! Then, to top off the meal, we enjoyed some freshly brewed Moroccan mint tea, before strolling back to our rooms, enticed by the moonlight. So that is it for my first day in Morocco. I'll hopefully be able to update you with more pictures tomorrow. Until then!


  1. Looks gorgeous, have a lovely time :)