As many of you know I am moving to Russia in September so I popped into North Face in Carnaby Street in the hopes of snagging a few bits up at the end of the sale. After trying about 10 coats on, I finally found the perfect one - fur hood, well insulated, water proof and long enough to cover my bum! However, I've saved the best part of it for last - it was 50% off! If you have ever been into a North Face store then you will know how expensive things can be. I think I ended up paying about £150 for it, which really isn't bad for a proper winter coat. I also bought 2 of their famous fleeces to help with layering - they are so snuggly!

The next stop on my little trip around London was Miss Selfridge on Oxford Street. I usually don't
find anything that tickles my fancy in Miss Selfridge, but it happened to be my lucky day! I managed to find 2 gorgeous dresses for when summer ever decides to arrive in the UK. The first is a gorgeous black and white maxi dress. It is a jersey material so it is insanely comfy. It has an elasticated waist and also a slit up one of the sides that reaches mid-thigh. I can't wait to get the chance to wear this, although i get the feeling that I won't have a chance until I'm back in Hong Kong! The second of the two is probably my favourite. It doesn't look like much on the hanger, but it looks amazing on! It has a cut out shoulder detail and is elasticated below the bust. My hair was very wavy that day so this dress looked very bohemian and carefree. As you can imagine, that went straight in my basket!

Well that is it for my mini haul. Have you guys bought anything interesting lately? Let me know in the comment section below :) xx

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