This has been a skincare favourite for the last few weeks or so. I actually got it in my last Birchbox. This is basically a rose scented solid oil that you work into you face as it melts. Then, with wet hands you further massage it over your face and then rinse. As it's an oil it breaks down all of the makeup on your face, providing a thorough cleanse. I have been loving to use this, it's so easy and very effective, plus I love rose!

This is something I've had for a while. It is basically a toner spritz that you simply have to spray on your face - simple! It also smells like rose... mmm! It feels and smells very refreshing, especially in warmer weather. I actually took this to Morocco with me and used it all the time to refresh my face. 

This is also something that I've had for a while. It is a very warm, bronze-y shade, but it more red/pink toned rather than orange. It is gorgeous on tanned skin and with blue eyes, although I honestly think it makes any eye colour pop. Plus, for £1, it's a bargain!

My skin has not been happy recently, and I have absolutely no idea why. Anyway, this has been a savour. This is a very hight coverage foundation that is designed to cover scars. I have not been using it all over my face, but as a concealer, or occasionally mixed in with a lighter foundation. It just adds that extra bit of coverage. It's a little pricey (£15.50), but honestly you only use a tiny bit so it lasts ages.

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  1. The MUA eyeshadow looks so nice! I may just have to get it next time I'm in Superdrug especially since it's only a pound!

    Jamie ♥