I bought this the other week and have not stopped using it. It is the perfect palette for creating a contoured eye look, or for basic neutral looks. I have already done a review on it  here so you ca go and check that out to find out more about it!

This is probably one of my all time favourite MAC brushes. It is a duo fibre, tapered eye brush which makes applying and blending a colour into the crease an effortless dream. What more could you want?

Although I have really dry skin, I find that I still like to powder my skin. I bought this when then discontinued the Dream Matte powder (which I have since found on ebay!) This isn't quite the same but I do like it. It's a bit higher coverage which is good for my *still* teenage skin, yet it does not seem to highlight any flakiness, which is a big bonus!

I received this in a recent beauty box and finally decided to try it out. It is very thick and moisturising so I have been using it before I go to bed mainly but still find that I can use it in the day. It has really helped to clear up the dryness that I have been experiencing the last few weeks. The only thing that is not great about this product is the smell. It is advertised as a raspberry scent, which it is, but think more of yucky medicine that they have tried to make smell and taste like raspberry rather than a nice fruity scent. It's honestly not that bad, certainly not enough to put me off using it, but it's not my favourite scent!

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