Hi guys, so as you might know I'm a bit busy with uni work at the moment so I've enlisted the help of a fellow beauty blogger who I've known for a good few years now, Ashley. She's going to be doing a few guest posts to help me keep up with my content over the next few weeks. So now I'll hand you over to Ashley, one half of a great blogging duo from Singapore!


Helloo lovely readers!

So Issy is currently caught up with revising for exams and She's asked me to do up a couple of guests post on her blog! My name is Ashley and I also have a blog whom I run together with my best friend Samantha which you can also feel free to check out here.

Anywho - today I've got a short review for you all on Benefits "POREfessional". This product has known to be a best seller over at Sephora in Singapore amongst the products at the benefit counter. 

Texture/ appearance:

A lightweight formula, its a nude tone balm that has a translucent finish. It comes in a tube, which I love because its then extremely hygienic as opposed to pot primers. 

(*) Note: do not rub product vigorously onto skin because that can cause the product to flake off, so gently patting the product into your skin would be wise.

Overall thoughts:

It goes on really smooth, it covers up to 50% visibility of my pores on my cheeks and lives up to being extremely lightweight which I do like. However, If you are looking for something that goes on really velvety smooth and stays that way for quite sometime then perhaps the smash box / elite primers have you there. The professional does keep your skin looking matte but the velvet feel goes away within 2-3 minutes after application. 

I'l be honest, the professional is great for the summer time because our skin tends to get oily when we're out and about and we all look for something thats lightweight (make-up wise) as we don't want to be caking up our faces with a whole load of product. However, its not an amazing primer, I feel like the smash box primers / elite primers work slightly better in terms of the overall finish. 

Overall Rating: 6 / 10 

I hope you all found this useful and if you have and questions at all, do leave them as a comment and I'll be sure to tend to them soon! 
Thanks Issy for having us as guest bloggers on your blog!
Samantha Ashley


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  1. Sounds like an amazing adventure :) I will hopefully be studying in america in a couple of years x