I bought this quite a while ago after watching one of Sam's (beautycrush) videos where she was wearing a similar colour to this (I believe it was called Celestial, also from Topshop). I just think it's such a lovely spring-y colour. I'm not much of a blue-wearer but this is just so bright and fun that I simply can't resist popping it on my nails this time of year. I have had nothing but good experiences with Topshop nail polishes and this is no different. The application and wear time are as good as any high brand polish (or even better), and for only a fraction of the price. If blue is not quite up your street then there are another 50+ amazing shades to choose from. However, don't knock it until you've tried it ;)


  1. Love Topshop nail polishes, this colour is so pretty :)


  2. Such a nice colour! I love shades like this :)

    Ria x