I'm a big fan of L'oreal's so-called 'Glossy Stain' dupes, and this particular colour has become one of my 'go-to' lip products. 'Lolita' is a very natural, everyday colour, making it perfect for just slapping on on the go. I love how these are not super sticky, it's sticky enough to last well but not MAC lipgloss sticky *shudder*. Also, when it does eventually wear off, it leaves your lips stained a nice natural flushed colour - lovely!

I know, I am about 10 years late to this train, but I have finally realised how useful one of these bad boys are! I always just assumed that I have so much hair that this wouldn't really do much for me, but after watching one of LLYMLRS' latest videos, I thought that I might as well give one a go. It takes my bun to the next level! Plus, it's great if you have quite thin hair as it can help you achieve a bit more volume.

Stereo Rose is a highly coveted product that I was lucky enough to swipe up a few years ago when it was released as part of a summer collection. In my opinion this blush is definitely worth the hype - it's just so gorgeous on the skin! I occasionally forget about it and it gets lost at the back of my draw, but a few weeks ago I decided to take it to Barcelona with me and I haven't turned back since! It looks gorgeous on sun-kissed skin (not that you could call mine that!!) This looks great in all seasons but definitely comes high up on my list of summer favourites.

Without doubt, all year round, I suffer with terribly dry skin which still manages to break out all over the place. I find it a real mission to find a thick, hydrating cream that doesn't clog my pores and cause spots everywhere. Hydreane Riche is definitely a thick moisturiser that delivers the hydration and eliminates any traces of flaky-ness. It is so thick that I actually only put it on at night to let it sink in. So far it has been moisturising my skin well and I haven't suffered any major breakouts - win! It is a tad pricey for a moisturiser, however it is so rich that you only need a tiny amount.

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  1. So jealous about Stereo Rose I truly missed the boat with that one :(