With my 20kg weight limit when coming to Russia, I definitely couldn't afford to bring any full-sized perfume bottles. Luckily, I've got a few handy Travalos so I could bring a few of my favourite scents with me. Not only could I bring them to Russia, but they also fit perfectly into my bag. These are definitely worth checking out if you haven't already.

I am a huge fan of Benefit's 'They're Real' mascara, and although it's not waterproof, it can still be a bit tricky to remove. I picked this up the other day to help fight my shopping urge here in Russia, and I am so glad I did. It's incredibly gentle, has a very light fresh scent and does it's job perfectly. 

I've always wanted to try the pot version of this lip balm, but have always been iffy about getting it because not only is it more expensive, but I hate having to put my finger into a pot - it's so unhygienic! So, instead I decided to buy the stick form, which I've really been loving. It smells delicious and is pretty hydrating, but it is a tad pricey for a lip balm. I would still like to try the potted version for at-home use only :)

Being out and about all day and not having the ability to wash my hands that often has resulted in this hand sanitizer becoming one of my most used items. You don't necessarily need the Dettol version, anyone will do, however, I actually quite enjoy the smell of this! It smells really strong and alcoholic at first, but when it dries down, it actually smells quite nice.

After purchasing my Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet, I knew I wanted to get a coin purse to avoid stretching it out with too much shrapnel. This cost me about £4, matches my wallet perfectly and does the job. As a student you always need change and now I can carry as much as I need without having to worry about if it'll fit in my wallet or not. 

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